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Don't Even Know Lyrics

Artist: Bio Killaz
Album: Murda Fo Free

The Lord has come to me, ladies and gentlemen

And he wants me to sing to ya'll

So I think I'm gonna sing

(Good Lord have mercy!)

I Don't Even Know
What the fuck is goin' on
But I'll tell you this
Things ain't the same
So what's up on that bullshit?

(Yo, Yo, Yo)


Yo, One, One, Two and to the Three
You better get these fuckin handcuffs offa me
I ain't done nuthin wrong, I'm just tryin' to kick a song
You mean to tell me I can't walk down the street with a bong?

Secret agent mutha fucka, double-0-13
My rhymes like lines gotta read in between
Seldom seen is this Killa, rockin' through da shadowz
Me and Saint Sinna, we never lose a battle whut!

I like to smoke a Swisher Sweet with a cherry tip
Phillie Blunt filled with skunk kickin' funk make me wanna trip
Help me I'm fallin down I can't reach my Budweiser
Stick my dick in ya ear and I entice'r

I'm the "Whut" master, you little bastard
Whut, Whut Whut Whut, Whut Whut Kick it faster
A mutha fuckin' hazard, deadly melody, Killa chemistry
You just a wanna-be pussy pretend to be me

I Don't Even Know
What the fuck is goin' on
But I'll tell you dis
Things ain't the same
So what's up on that bullshit?

And Tha Klepto singin'

Hay is for horses cows eat grass
Here's a spoon you can eat me aaaasss
Fall to the ground, here's ya bloody face
Wipe my ass on ya face, drinkin' gallons of mace

Taste of the shit, from the shit by The Killaz
Saint Sinna Purgatory, Tha Klepto for the billaz
But it's a new story now two-thousand-three
Bio Killaz ya'll, and it's Murda Fo' Free

Can I get an Ameeen?


Now brothers and sisters, Ima tell you
The way to get to Heaven is repentance

A-muthafuckin-men brother, the mutha fuckin Bio Killaz and shit

Preach it brother

Now, if ya'll don't believe in the Bio Killaz you goin' STRAIGHT TO HELL

Straight to hell mutha fucka, mutha fuckin Bio Killaz




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