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Finger Puppetz Lyrics

Artist: Bio Killaz
Album: Murda Fo Free

Daddy, daddy
What son?
Take me to a puppet show
YAY! Thank-you daddy

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the world famous Finger Puppet Show (Laugh)

Finger Puppets, feature presentation
Animation, demonstration, of female masturbation
God's creation to fingers in a beehole, under the peehole
Make a bitch lose control, whoa

Lemme tell ya 'bout the birds and the bees
Slip the puppets in and show ya how to please
Three puppets in, bet it feels nice
Stick one more in, hell, don't even think twice

Sniff, take a whiff, of the clit Does it smell like shit?
Then don't touch it, fuckin' idiot
Bring clippaz if the pubic patch is rough
Finger Puppets say, shave dat muff

Stick'em in and out like there's no time to waste
And if you're a freak pull'em out and give'm a taste
Move'm around and give'm a good stuffin'
Move your bread mix around in her English Muffin

Vibration, circular rotation
You and your penis, man the battlestations
Lick and flick and stick, it's slick quick
Take a dip, punany, sunk my battleship

Oh we gotta first timer, she feel a lil' pain
On the sheets underneath is a little blood stain
Rub ya box, and then move to ya asshole
Shove it in your mouth, it's called a swiss cake roll

Now alright, if the hole feels tight
Check yaself cuz it might be her butthole
Oh no, my Finger Puppet got dirty
Lil' brown eye and a stankin' lil' turdy

If ya Finger Puppets begin to stink like fish
I got two words for ya bitch, douche it
Ya got four Finger Puppets on each of ya hands
Hey faggot Finger Puppets don't belong in a man

Finger Puppet Joe, let's go for a swim
It's nice and warm so go and jump right in
Diving board to a whore, look at that splash
Fuck a life jacket just drown in dat ass

Ya got some whip cream, pop ya cherry on top
Ya got the juices flowin', that's it, don't stop
Ya gettin' real wet I got special Puppet up my sleeve
Deep Sea Adventures with Finger Puppet Scuba Steve

Admit you love it, Finger Puppet
Finger fuck it, pussh and shove it
I guess that's all for my section of the show
Just remember boys and dykes finger fuck that hoe

So ya say your beehole is now a big hole
Now mo-fo you graduated to a dildo
Five Puppets in ya asshole, a great peep show
Masterin' the Puppets leads to a camel toe


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