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Do It Lyrics

Artist: Bio Killaz
Album: Murda Fo Free

Come on ride me, excite me
We gon' prove it, you and me let's (Do It) (Repeated)

Do It baby, Do It putcha hands on my cock
Let the panties drop, gently rubbin' ya twat
Ya sittin' there beggin' so I go on down
My tongue go around, passion is the only sound
Now switch it up, put that tongue ring to work
Flippin' it all around's gotten my legs startin' to jerk
So saddle it up, come on, ride my pony
Start workin' ya hips and show me that you're horny
Witcha legs up on my shoulders, the sex has got ya moanin'
Hot lovin', sweat rollin', we won't stop til' the early mornin'
I'm freakin' you out withcha nails to my back
Goin' deeper up inside you is how I react
Holdin' eachother tight as we go faster
Our bodies in a single rhythm, drift away to the finer pasture
I can feel you cummin' as this night ends
Could it get better? Yes. Tommorow we'll do it again

Come on ride me, excite me
We gon' prove it, you and me let's (Do It) (Repeated)

Ima make tonight better, a little role play
I'm the rich rapper, and you're my french maid
You dustin' on my bed, puttin' on a show
Make it like you drop sumthin, and pick it off the floor
That's when I walked up and kissed you on your ear
I caressed you softly, diminishin' all your fear
You put on a little strip tease, for only me
I wrap a bandana around your eyes and make you sexy
Get out the body oil, rub every inch of you
Lick it all up and let the pleasure continue
Bringin' cherries, strawberries, all the sexual fruit
Watch your body quiver as I lick up all your juice
Our skin together in the heat of the passion
Our hearts run together in this moment everlastin'
Sexin' in this room, there's nuthin' but candle lit
Lost in the night, so let's Do It, Do It
Come on ride me, excite me
We gon' prove it, you and me let's (Do It) (Repeated)

Our bodies under the moon, Shh, just listen
The sex I'm inflictin's like a strong addiction
Wrap your legs around, look me in the eyes
Feel me stimulate your mind, it's better than any high
You can't deny I fulfill your every fantasy
But I gotta say, you workin' it is so sexy
You ride it like a pro, til' the break of dawn
Damn baby gurl, you got it goin' on
Now I got you holdin' me, curlin' up your toes
That's it baby, like that hoe
Cuffs an' chains, candy canes, all that kinky stuff
Whip creamin' am I dreamin'? I just can't get enough
Now while we're layin' here there's no such thing as class
I'm waxin' anda taxin' your fine ass
Our fluids all over, so we're just layin' in
Ima go ahead and say it, I love doin' it

Come on ride me, excite me
We gon' prove it, you and me let's (Do It) (Repeated)


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