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Where's The Beer? - Stone Cold Steve Austin Lyrics

Artist: Wrestling Lyrics
Album: WWE Originals

Jim: Hey Steve, Welcome to the studio. Glad you to be here today.

Stone Cold: Yeah, I'm glad to be here. Got everything ready right?

Jim: I got everything ready, just like we spoke on the phone.

Stone Cold: Uh, Where..

Jim: Just like you told me.

Stone Cold: Where's the beer?

Jim: Um.. You didn't mention beer.

Stone Cold: I specifically mentioned beer, how you expect me to record a record without no beer?

Jim: Sorry, sorry my mistake I'll get some beer?

Stone Cold: It have happened to anybody ok? Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on you it's kind of early in the morning.

Jim: It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon Steve.

Stone Cold: What are you saying?

Jim: I, no it's just. Hey, lets listen to the track I think you're going to be happy.

Stone Cold: Good, I been looking forward to it. Hard n' Heavy right?

Jim: Hard n' Heavy, but a... you know a kinda going for a sensative side of Steve Austin... and just take a
listen see what you think.

Stone Cold: Sensative side?

Jim: Well just take a listen.

Stone Cold: Alright I'll take a listen, but but I told you Hard n' Heavy.

Jim: It's really Hard n' Heavy.

Stone Cold: Ok, good.

Jim: What you think? Good aye?

Stone Cold: Good? Your kidding me right?

Jim: No?

Stone Cold: Man I told you Hard n' Heavy I told you Rock n' Roll!

Jim: Well Steve, that was..

Stone Cold: That wasn't Rock n' Roll!

Jim: It's just another look at Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold: Hmmm??

Jim: Broaden broaden broaden your character you know?

Stone Cold: Yes yes yes a different look at Stone Cold Steve Aus.. I'm not looking for a different look at Stone
Cold steve Austin!

Jim: ...

Stone Cold: I told you what I wanted!

Jim: Ok...

Stone Cold: That's not what I wanted, clearly that's not what I wanted!

Jim: Sorry...what would make it more to your liking?

Stone Cold: You want me to show you something?

Jim: Yeah, why don't you...

Stone Cold: Which guitar can I use?

Jim: The 6 string Acoustic Guitar over there laying right next to you on the guitar stand.

Stone Cold: Jim, an Acoustic Guitar has no place on this track!

Jim: Well, well you know if you play... it hard, sometimes it amazing the depth you can get playing the Acoustic.

Stone Cold: So now your going to tell me Stone Cold Steve Austin how to play the Acoustic Guitar, and if I play
it harder, if I twang the strings harder, that's going to make it sound more Rock n' Roll, more violent!?

Jim: Yeah... Why don't you just pick up the guitar and see what you think.

Stone Cold: Ok, let me pick up the Acoustic Guitar and we'll see what happens.

Stone Cold: Ha Ha Ha!

Did you see, did you see the way my foot ran right through the strings and crashed in right through it all.

Jim: Yeeaah, I did... yeah I saw that.

Stone Cold:
I'm sorry but, it's jus so funny!!

Hey, look at it this way Jim, it was an antique now you can go out and buy you a new one. Why you sit here and
play this old pile of shit, when you can go buy you a brand new one.

Jim: That's a good point.

Stone Cold: Charge it to Vince. Ha ha HA!


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