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Can You Dig It? - Booker T Lyrics

Artist: Wrestling Lyrics
Album: WWE Originals

You can find me center stage, center of attention
Booker T€™s here like Vin Diesel triple x-ing,
On the count of three, I want you all to spit it,
One, two, three Can You Dig It Sucka!

Five time€™s the champ, more the man,
Scuffle with me, not a good plan.
Gotta show the world a better way for the youth,
All eyes on me, Booker T€™s the truth.
Whatever the state, wherever you at,
Booker put it down man, simple as that.
Booker ain€™t hating, ain€™t dissin€™ a thing,
No more drama in my life, feel the vibe I bring.

Don€™t be fooled because he bruised,
Booker T the type to come speak at cha school.
Wherever you at, I talk it like I walk it,
I walk it like I live it,
If you know the words, hit it
Can You Dig It Sucka!

Since Harlem Heat, hard to beat,
WCW Champ, plus four repeats,
Wanna get down? You€™re gonna lay down
When you lay down, you€™re gonna stay down
Wanna know €˜bout my life, it€™s an open book
Booker made a change, just like Mase
Now Booker get respect when he come in the place

Man this ain€™t about guns and drugs and ill thugs
This is bout makin€™ it better for lil€™ cuz.
Can You Dig It Sucka, understand the way,
Booker so humble, in this concrete jungle
Right or wrong I rumble, till the wrong tumble,
From giants to midgets, Can you dig it?
Larger than life, but it€™s no movie,
I€™m the true master of the spinaroonie,
Can You Dig It Sucka


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