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Freestyle- Heat 2003-03-30 Lyrics

Artist: Wrestling Lyrics
Album: World Wrestling Entertainment

I asked hip-hop for a single MC,
They said they'd send me 2, Fabolous and Jay-Z.
But these Gangstas didn't want to come up and sing on TV.
I'm gonna tell all y'all why they wouldn't battle with me,
"Yo man, it's Jay-Z man... I'm fully focused Rockafella' man,
I got my girlfriend man, I don't need to come in Seattle, I'm the king of New York.
All I need in this life instead is me and my girlfriend.. Rockafella'"
Ok Bonnie... Where the hell is Clyde at?
He ducked me like a bitch for a little battle rap,
What you want me to do man, call out your fiance?
I'd have better competition battle rapping with Beyonce.
He's the king of New York, I'm a kid from the cella'
Only way he stays hard is by rockin' another fella'.
Sorry that I didn't have that much time to diss you,
I focus on Fabolous, he's my real issue.
Dude, you need to stick doing Reebok commercials,
He showed up and tapped out after hearing me in rehearsal.
They didn't arrest you for your guns, it's because your rap sucks,
Cops charged him with illegally possessing 2 nuts.
Trade your throwback shirt for a skirt you little whinah€™
And hike up your skirt, I can see your mangina.
You wanna blackball me? Well at least I gotta a ballsack,
If they lived at the spermbank, they couldn't get their cum back.
They talk about their ice, and all the girls loving you,
The only Bush she sees is by watching George W.
I'm a main event playa', these fools are in the background,
I take over you, and then I take over Smackdown.
They can do a show in their living-room and still not sell-out,
This is the WWE, get the F out.
Yo it's John Cena, Thuganomics' hot as hell,
He's just a bad idea, like the XFL.
I'll main event WrestleMania 20, you see me you outta luck.
You don't like what I'm saying ? Well I just don't give a F....


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