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Left Behind Lyrics

Artist: VNV Nation
Album: Genesis Pt. 2

So afraid
Open your eyes
Know too well
That fatuates you
Something undefined
There in the halflight
The demon without
The demon inside
To play then torment you
Feelings so sure
Feelings so uncertain
Something is wrong
Everyone's gone
You have been left behind
Everyone left the demon inside

Do you still hear the laughter
So hard to describe
And never forget
Faces that haunt you
Wake or sleep
You know you can't tell
Unable to sleep
Unable to fight
Unwilling to wake
To open your eyes
Face your oppressor
Still you go on
Convinced it will end

Can you remember
A day when it was not
Not like this
Unsure of yourself
Unsure of your thoughts
Unable to know
Of what you think is right or wrong
Still you go on
Convinced it will end
But someone pushes
A blade through your mind
There on the edge
No one will find you
So hearing them laugh
No light it's not the end for you

Why is everything wrong
Here I am
Here I am
With these words
Trying to say
Something I can't
Something I can't tell you
Nothing is wrong
The demons they have left you
You were not left behind
You were not left behind
So open your eyes
So open your eyes
Unable to sleep
Unable to fight
Unwilling to wake
Please open your eyes
Here I stand
Unable to tell you
I'm trying to say
Nothing is wrong
Please open your eyes
Nothing is wrong
You were not left behind


by vile vixen on 10/3/2009 5:20am
this so is so amazingly powerful! the lyrics, the music, and the voice...this song always makes me think.
by ThEeDaRkOnE on 1/31/2010 9:52pm
It's an amazing song... :)
by Invader Rex on 5/30/2010 1:18am
Awww, I love this song. It makes me cry sometimes. It's beautiful. ♥
by TroyHouston on 9/9/2011 12:05pm
This song makes me cry EVERYTIME I listen to it!
by Nafs on 2/10/2013 5:19am
Sad and beutiful att he same time, makes you remember the hard times when everything was dark and cold inside ...

VNV Nation Lyrics
VNV Nation Genesis Pt. 2 Lyrics

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