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The One You Really Love Lyrics

Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Album: 69 Love Songs, Pt. 1

I do believe our love's in danger I might aas well be loving air
You look at me like I'm a stranger You look at me like I'm not there
I gaze into your eyes of blue but their beauty is not for mee You're
thinking on someone who's gone You're dreaming of the one you really love
I made you mine, or so it seemed Though he is dead he haunts your dreams
I might as well be two ft. tall You never will love me at all...
You're dreaming of the corpse you really love


by alves plesary on 6/19/2009 1:16am
Nice..................NOT hahaha

rolflmao lol rolflmao lol
by Kenny on 2/9/2011 1:39pm
Hello my name is Kenny gavin
by The Corpse... on 10/18/2011 2:42pm really love.

Yeah, I'm not sure how I ended up on Lyricsdepot? But the two human eggplants below - Kenny Gavin who's just escaped from a Polish concentration farm, and Alves Plesary who is a 90s troll - should not be the only two commenters on ANY shoddy lyrics site under this song.

Because this song is the single most heart-wrenching thing you will ever listen to, and the lyrics do the wrenching. You will ache for the broken-hearted little soul who will always be a stranger to the one he loves.

Because she's dreaming of the corpse she really loves.

If that doesn't make your soul bleed with sorrow, you don't have one.
by probably nobody on 5/25/2012 10:37pm
"human eggplants." LOL.

indeed. it's a heartbreaking song. one of those things that's beautiful in a terrible way.

The Magnetic Fields Lyrics
The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs, Pt. 1 Lyrics

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