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Jack Of Speed Lyrics

Artist: Steely Dan
Album: Two Against Nature

Teddy's rolling now most every night
Skatin' backwards at the speed of light
He's changed in a thousand little ways
He's changed yes indeed
You know he's movin' on metal yes he's
Hanging tight with the Jack of Speed

Sheena's party there's a case in point
That right wing hooey sure stunk up the joint
He's gone he walks through the old routines
But he's gone guaranteed
He may be sittin' in the kitchen, but he's
Steppin' out with the Jack of Speed

You maybe got lucky for a few good years
But there's no way back from there to here
He's a one way rider
On the shriek express
And his new best friend is at the throttle more or less

He can't hear you honey - that's alright
Pack some things and head up into the light
Don't stop - he'll be callin' out your name
But don't stop when you hear him plead
You better move now little darlin' or you'll be
Trading fours with the Jack of Speed


by Quinn on 2/12/2009 3:45pm
It is so cute
by Cornelius on 2/9/2012 2:25pm
The Jack of Speed hit me hard when I first heard it on PBS. I remembered G'Damn Pusher Man by
Steppenwolf, The Needle and the Damge Done by Neil Young and Dealer by Traffic. This though is very personal. Teddy is a regular guy who gets on the "Shreek Express" and isn't getting off ever. The woman in his life better move out before she gets sucked in. Wh. enever I see Lindsay
Lohan and her caved-in eyes, I think of this song. Frightening but marvelous
by Mark T on 2/10/2014 5:52am
These guys are SO F-ING HIP! Clever, insightful and AJA just keeps giving. It's one of the great ones.

Steely Dan Lyrics
Steely Dan Two Against Nature Lyrics

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