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Uptown Lyrics

Artist: Prince
Album: Dirty Mind

She saw me walking down the streets
Of your fine city
It kinda turned me on when she looked at me
And said, "C'mere"
Now I don't usually talk to strangers
But she looked so pretty
What can I lose,
If I, uh, just give her a little ear?
"What's up little girl?"
"I ain't got time to play."
Baby didn't say too much
She said, "Are you gay?"
Kinda took me by suprise
I didn't know what to do
I just looked her in her eyes
And I said, "No, are u?"
Said to myself, said
"She's just a crazy, crazy, crazy
Little mixed up dame.
She's just a victim of society
And all it's games."
Now where I come from
We don't let society
Tell us how it's supposed to be
Our clothes, our hair
We don't care
It's all about being there
Everybody's going Uptown
That's where I wanna be
Set your mind free
Got my body hot
Get down
I don't wanna stop, no
As soon as we got there
Good times were rolling
White, Black, Puerto Rican
Everybody just a-freakin'
Good times were rolling

She started dancing in the streets
Ow, girl, she's just gone mad
U know, she even made love to me
Ooh, best night I ever had
Ah yeah
I never talk to strangers
But this time it's all right
See, she got me hot, ah
I couldn't stop, ah
Good times were rolling all night All night, yeah
Now where I come from
We don't give a damn
We do whatever we please
It ain't about no downtown
Nowhere bound
Narrow-minded drag
It's all about being free
Everybody's going Uptown
It's where I wanna be
U can set your mind free, yeah
Keep your body hot
Get down
I don't wanna stop, no
Ooh, ooh, yeah
Everybody's going, everybody's going
Everybody gotta gotta
Now go-go-go, go-go-go
They're going

Yeah, yeah, now, all now
Gotta go-go-go
Yeah, gotta go, gotta go
C'mon, c'mon, you
U have to, you gotta go
oh yeah


by derrick roddey, charlotte nc on 8/6/2008 3:10pm
One of the best songs EVER!!!!
by Abdulaziz on 8/7/2009 5:08pm

It's (I rarely talk to strangers)
not "I never talk to strangers"
by sam on 7/14/2010 3:59am
i agree one of the alltime best songs
by turbo on 11/2/2010 4:50pm
It's "I don't usually talk to strangers, but this time it's alright..."
by cdizzel on 3/25/2011 2:57pm
Don't pick apart someone else's interpretation of a wonderful song. Let them appreciate his children for who they are.
by fan on 8/22/2011 4:14pm
I never realized that the lyrics are so brilliant.
by Yes on 3/20/2012 5:12pm
after getting called gay I thought he replies "So i stuck it in her ass and are you?" that would have been extreme lolz.
by Arabella Gordon/arabellasongs on 6/22/2012 4:32pm
I agree also. One of the best songs ever. And to fan: the lyrics are brilliant, as is the bassline, rhythm guitars... :)
by Izabella on 12/9/2013 5:01pm
I love this song

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