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Sister Lyrics

Artist: Prince
Album: Dirty Mind

I was only 16 but I guess that's no excuse
My sister was 32, lovely, and loose
She don't wear no underwear
She says it only gets in her hair
And it's got a funny way of stoppin' the juice
My sister never made love to anyone else but me
She's the reason for my, uh, sexuality
She showed me where it's supposed to go
A blow job doesn't mean blow
Incest is everything it's said to be
Oh, sister
Don't put me on the street again
Oh, sister
I just want to be your friend
I was only 16 and only half a man
My sister didn't give a goddamn
She only wanted to turn me out
She [took a whip to] me until I shout
"Oh, [motherfuckersjustamotherfucker]
Can't you understand?"
Oh, sister
Don't put me on the street again
Oh, sister
I just want to be your friend
I know what you want me to do
Put me on the street
And make me blue
Oh, sister, oohoohoooow


by Phil Rector on 12/10/2008 5:51pm
this is the sickest shit i've ever heard
by amy on 2/11/2009 12:54pm
why is it ok that this song was released?
by Zappa on 2/17/2009 6:16pm
It's 2009 and things still haven't changed with you people.
by lelovely on 2/24/2009 9:23pm
so this song was definitely used as an example of "explicit" music in my mass media book.
by Alan Kurtz on 3/25/2009 4:12pm
The question should be not why was this released, but why was Prince's Dirty Mind critically acclaimed and a bestseller? The answer goes far beyond the perversions of one performer or the greed of Warner Bros. It speaks to the widespread depravity of post-disco America.
by Kon on 3/30/2009 12:31am
Thats was just disturbing...
by Bongofl on 4/17/2009 5:53pm
I don't know if you've listened to this song, but it kicks you know what. Sick, wet funk at its best.
by Funjky Guy on 5/15/2009 8:31am
I'm a guy and if I ever got the chance, I would definitely smooch Prince's delicious face.
by dave on 5/22/2009 9:47am
judging from prince's other songs and the type of person he is, im sure this song is just meant to "take a piss", meaning that hes just trying to be provocative and test how far he could take his right of freedom of speech.
by Charlie on 5/27/2009 2:17am
Damn, Prince truly is bad ass.
by Foxxxy on 6/4/2009 9:12am
lol Prince is nuts
by Daddyo on 6/18/2009 9:05pm
Prince is a freaking Genious. Artist today still can not compete with prince 1979 stuff..
by Prella on 8/18/2009 2:44am
Okay, is Prince saying that his sister raped him??
by Barbara on 8/18/2009 2:15pm
To the idiot who spoke of the depravity of post-disco America: don't try to impose your execrable musical tastes on other people. Disco is shite, and Prince is an absolutely brilliant musician. Get over yourself. If you don't like it...don't listen.
by Fritz on 8/25/2009 4:35pm
Dirty Mind is one of the great albums of the last 30 years; raw, lean, hard-hitting perfect New Wave Funk. "Sister" was meant to be listened to as a two-fer with "Head". The former segueing seamlessly into the latter. Hey Alan- Here's a personal growth opportunity: Switch off the angry social/rock critic circuitry for an hour , smoke a mids joint and then listen to Sister/Head back to back and then come back and read the pretentious BS you tried laying on us in your post. You're welcome.
by geeeee on 10/5/2009 11:50am
gee whiz, I love his music but these lyrics are frickin' awful.
by N-Jin on 12/26/2009 6:31am
It's funny how people think the lyrics are bad because it makes them think. It's lyrics that makes you wonder about prince, his childhood, your own sexuality, wrongs and rights... it makes you ask. And that excatly why you hate it. Since you think it1s disturbing. Is disturbing lyrics bad? Or is it just that what makes it so damn interesting. I like music that moves me in some kind of direction. Not music that doesnt have an effect on me. This is a classic song from a classic record.
by Bethany on 1/1/2010 8:12pm
Switch "sister" to brother and imagine a female vocalist. You will magically get the intent of the song.

It's astounding how moronic social conditioning makes people at poetic interpretation.
by Miss_OneTwo on 1/18/2010 9:24am
I love the song:my personal experience?I first met my real brother when we were teenagers, he was a bit older then me, we did some things, some awaome things I might add.I loved him even more. I don't know how to put this into words, but luckly there is someone like Prince that has the magic also outside the bed. Go Prince!!! I love you.
by xripper on 2/8/2010 10:36am
this song is fucking awesome! amazing!
by Kara on 2/11/2010 2:36pm
Prince is a musical genius. I can't even think of one artist that can compete with him..
by thedude on 3/25/2010 1:41pm
I thought he was yelling "Oh motherfucker She's a Brotherfucker can't you understand?"
by Freddi on 3/31/2010 2:04pm
Phil, Amy and Alan...get over yer'selves. Prince was then and still is genious. The guy created shock value and was the renegade of his time. This is what drew us, his fans to his music. While you're judging him for his music, don't forget that has also been a good humanitarian.
by codebrkr on 4/10/2010 3:32am
Prince has a younger sister named Tyka. But he also has 3 older half-sisters (same father/different mother). The oldest half-sister is 16 years older than him. In the song, he says he was 16, she was 32 (16 year difference). I have no way of knowing if the lyrics are based on actual events, hyperbole, or strictly shock value, but it would seem odd for him to be pointing such an accusatory finger if it wasn't personal...
by Naztee on 5/14/2010 2:04pm
I bet this song is about a boy who gets in a foster home and gets in a relationship with his "older sister." It would sound better that way.
by Christine Rhodes on 6/14/2010 9:03am
Dirty Mind is a great album, but I am always surprised this song in particular isn't more well known - it's frickin' amazing.
by PurpleDove on 9/14/2010 9:10am
Prince Rogers Nelson is a musical genius...his lyrics his appearance his persona have always been controversial. People are weirded out by his song Sister but let's be real people these things happen. just be quiet listen and you may learn something...perhaps even about urself?? I LOVE PRINCE FOREVER!!!!
by Uptown Sister on 10/10/2010 1:29am
The message is multifaceted. It has both literal and allegorical concepts. He could be talking about a literal older "sister" or a soul sister; a black woman. One point he addresses is the conflict a victim of sexual child abuse feels; pleasure and guilt. He's also intimating that women can be pedophiles/sexual predators. He mentions he was 16, which in some states is the age of consent but like he says, that's no excuse.
by girlll on 10/18/2010 2:40pm
most ppl probably cant understand what he was saying in the first place. thats why it was a favorite.
by Nel Rogers on 3/2/2011 8:31pm
This song frightens me. I usually jus' go ahead and skip on right past it. But I appreciate Uptown Sister's 10/10/2010 comment. I couldn't get past my own...whatever to see the potential of these other perspectives.
by JB on 3/15/2011 7:13pm
I figure that Prince was staying with an older woman at some point when he was a teenager, and whenever people asked what the situation was, they would just claim they were brother and sister. It's a lot simpler than saying "yes, I am an underage boy living with this older woman and we are having a sexual relationship but please don't report us to the police."
by DMB on 4/25/2011 5:10pm
Look, it's a song. This shit happens in real life. Who knows what the story behind it is? Who cares? It's a song, and this shit happens in real life. It doesn't mean it's alright, it just means it happens.
by dan on 5/6/2011 4:37pm
Someone made a comment about being disturbed as a defense to this song. I wholeheartedly agree; this idea of bubblegum pop and depressing moaning in music has ruined the art of it all. You need to be disturbed every once in a while, think about what it means to you and how it affects the way you think of the world. Learn from it and live a better life because of it. PARTYUP.
by ray on 5/9/2011 6:54am
it could be fantasy on the part of prince. He's known for it. Or it could be true. But he's known for his sexuality as well. Either way, an amazing song on an amazing album. Could be his best.
by ? OF U on 5/26/2011 11:56pm

by Jimmy from the lake on 6/22/2011 12:22am
I personally doubt Prince took any inspiration from his real life to write this track. Back then he was forging his music career and using controversy to fuel it. However as many have stated this is a brilliant record from what is certainly one of the tightest albums ever put together in the history of music.
by Interesting808 on 7/20/2011 5:30pm
If you don't understand that this song was for the sole purpose of creating controversy and selling albums, then you're dumber than a rock. In 1979, how does a young starving musician get attention. Shock Value. Prince, I'm sure wrote this simply to get attention and guess what people? It worked. He followed "Dirty Mind" with "Controversy" and once he got R&B's attention, he went more mainstream with "1999". You know what happened after that. Dirty Mind laid the ground work for brilliant music to come. Without this album, nobody may have paid attention in the first place.
by DHos on 4/12/2012 2:09pm
Ok this is just a song. A sick perverted song but just a song. The title of the album is Dirty Mind and concentrates on the moral wrongs and boundries in America. Dirty Mind is a social commentary. Listen to ALL the songs and you'll get it
by Realist on 4/25/2012 2:53am
prince is a typical mulatto faggot
by manzanita on 10/7/2012 10:45pm
This song is *awesome.* You're not supposed to take it seriously! It's Prince in his prime--way over the top, shocking, ridiculous. And FUNKY as hell. Seriously, listen to the song instead of just reading the lyrics. You will dance. And you will dance hard.
by Declaringwar on 10/17/2012 10:49am

If disco is "shite",then you can't be much of a fan considering how influenced his work is by disco.Sure,there are funk elements,but a 4/4 disco beat is a 4/4 disco beat - and he used it often
by nnn on 10/30/2012 11:46am
to kill this rumour at the age of `16 prince wasnt even living with his sister
by jos on 10/31/2012 11:44pm
Prince is good!
by Ross on 11/11/2012 5:44pm
This could be an anti prostitution song
by Feline lover 12/13 on 1/4/2013 3:22pm
The lyrics are dirty! Thank God that Prince isn't writting songs like this no more. The song is too hostile for Jehovah's Witnesses. me included because i'm 1 of them. To prince- if you feel guilty, remember that your sins are forgiven.
to those that hate the song have knowledge about the lyrics.
by ? OF U on 2/5/2013 6:03am
by D on 3/1/2013 6:39am
It's just a song
by coreyj on 1/22/2014 9:11pm
I love 2 hear this song in reverse. Its much better
by Jig Johnson on 5/15/2014 9:04am
It is ok I screwed my sister before. We're just hill billies. Btw she has twins with 6 fingers.
by PhilBoogie on 11/19/2014 6:20am
@by nnn on 10/30/2012 11:46am
to kill this rumour at the age of `16 prince wasnt even living with his sister /quote

He wrote the song when staying over his sisters' place when trying to get a contract in NYC. Recorded it 3 years later in his Lake Minnetonka Home Studio
by ray on 3/18/2015 5:18pm
This great song is just that, a song. Do you really think Arnold Schwarzenegger really shoots all those people in his movies?
by Jaimee on 7/11/2017 8:11pm
To "Realist", your hateful, racist, homophobic comment was WAAAAY more disturbing than any Prince lyric. Not that it matters, but Prince was neither bi-racial nor gay...which further illustrates your ignorance. Go back to that rock you crawled out from under.
by funk felishia on 4/2/2018 2:15pm
May another legend rest in peace and the music he created, with no shame or fear, live on.

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