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Goodbye Lyrics

Artist: Prince
Album: Crystal Ball

Last night when I left U fast asleeping
I should have contemplated suicide
4 the smile upon your face that's well worth keeping
By morning - smears 4 every tear U cry
I could manage a week or 2 without those kisses
It'd be hard, but something tells me I could try

4 that matter, whatever 2 make U reconsider
Is there truth when U make love 2 a lie?
Excuse me, but is this really goodbye?

Why'd I ever let U in this morning?
Why'd I let U come inside my door?
I should have known without that smile adorning
Your face - a kiss was not what U came 4
That's when your hand reached out 2 touch me gently
At least that's how it happened in my mind


Can't begin 2 understand how I think about U (Everything)
Everything I wanna do, I cannot do without U
However wrong U want - I'll be
Just please (please) don't leave (Don't leave)
If it means this life without U, baby
I swear I'll spend it on my knees
Excuse me, but is this really goodbye?

Last night when I left U I was so sure
We'd be 2gether 4ever and 4 days
And now my shade of blue couldn't get no bluer
I don't even know what I did 2 make U go away
I could possibly stage a front and play the cool one (Cool one)
Heart in my hand tryin' 2 hold back every cry

But who would applaud me when it's U, my one and only
Who ever gave me a good reason not 2 die
Excuse me, but is this really (Goodbye)
Excuse me, but is this really (Goodbye)
Excuse me, but is this really goodbye?
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye (Goodbye)


by gil jonesII on 2/27/2009 8:55am
this song is not far from truth of some xperience in my life that you prince 4 reaching in the souls and hearts of man keep on preachi'n brother
by DORIAN on 9/30/2009 6:00am
Amen to that gil jones!

lovely orchestra by clare fisher, groegous vocals and arrangements. should have been on emancipation . nice track. thanks Prince!

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