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The Start of Something Beautiful Lyrics

Artist: Porcupine Tree
Album: Deadwing

Always in my thoughts you are
Always in my dreams you are
I got your voice on tape
I got your spirit in a photograph
Always out of reach you are

Cold inside my arms you are
Simple like a child you are
I remember when you took my hand and led me through the rain
Down inside my soul you are

The more I show the way
I feel the less I find you give a damn
The more I get to know the less find that I understand
Innocent, the time we spent, forgot to mention we're good friends
You thought it was the start of something beautiful?
Well think again.

Mother lost her looks for you
Father never wanted you
I trust to love and then I find you never really felt the same
There's something in your heart so cruel


by Dorian on 6/21/2008 11:07am
so true, so beautiful.
by Dorian on 6/21/2008 11:09am
HAh. This is me.I find myself in those lyrics, in the last ones. Maybe in all of them.

[b]Mother lost her looks for you
Father never wanted you
I trust to love and then I find you never really felt the same
There's something in your heart so cruel[/b]
by . on 7/24/2008 3:38pm
i cant say this is me now at least that may have been me long time back
by Vin on 10/17/2008 3:04pm
The chorus - it rings so true with me...
by m paul on 12/6/2008 1:31am
this is pretty much my last thirty days
by A salthouse on 12/12/2008 1:25pm
I think we can all relate, just be glad its not the creator had a mastertape lyrics that apply to you.
by yuriy on 2/2/2009 8:57am
by m paul on 3/1/2009 8:04am
"...just be glad its not the creator had a mastertape lyrics that apply to you."

epic response!
by charles on 3/23/2009 10:50pm
All is just happening now
by someone on 8/25/2009 6:08am
so fucking true...
by Findel on 9/12/2009 2:17am
Fuck I'm almost crying to these lyrics hahaha it makes me think about lots of stuff that make these lyrics so truee
by Alex on 9/23/2009 12:22am
just saw them play this live...epic!
by Olfa on 11/27/2009 3:13pm
and what these lyrics stand for since everybody is saying thye true???
by PT fan gurl on 12/27/2009 3:21am
SO true... i still remm the day when i spoke to steven and he sung this song whn I told him abt my life...I so can relate to this.
by LK on 1/4/2010 6:18am
I actually cried when I first heard the song without really knowing the lyrics... it was weird how sad it got me.
by Enrique on 1/5/2010 11:07pm
pretty much my only and whole love life
by Jack on 2/19/2010 6:19am
Great sad, so true!!
This is love sometimes...
by John on 3/18/2010 1:18pm
i loved this song and how much i could relate. i just thought that the way that each chorus is in a different time signature!! i remember seeing a concert where they randomly said that they were going to play fear of a blank planet album (not released at the time) and crying even more when i heard My Ashes.
by Alex on 5/12/2010 1:30pm
God yeah, I can relate, though I wish I couldn't. Causing myself pain when I could theoretically just walk away. The obsession, the mood swings, the disgust, the oxytocin driving you mad. ESPECIALLY if the relationship could not go anywhere if she even 'felt the same'.
by sneakyme on 8/1/2010 8:49pm
First Strophe is how i feel at very this moment :|

Second Strophe me and her on new year's evening ;

Chours is how things were going after it and how are they now .

Last Strophe is truth about her.

I always thought the same and now i found a song which is saying exectly the same stuff...
by PTlover on 9/29/2010 3:46am
Steven is truly brilliant and genius. Everything he writes has such meaning....
Beautiful music to go along with it its just the best band i have herd in years!
by Domenico on 2/10/2011 5:30am
Porcupine Tree is the most underrated band of our days. Steven Wilson is pure magic!
by Garrett on 6/15/2011 4:37pm
Pretty much describes the last harpy who ripped my heart out.
by Aaron on 12/9/2011 4:32pm
This band are SOO GOOD :)
by David on 1/9/2012 5:05pm
This is truly amazing. Love the comment about the Creator has a Mastertape.
by Rui on 2/18/2012 6:37am
I can tell that most of PT songs i relate with could turn into my life's soundtrack...
by David Kerr on 6/21/2012 11:53am
Worthy of the greatest of Greek tragedies. It brings me a peace I cannot begin to understand. Its a great album and I can't wait for the next one
by dorian 2 on 10/19/2012 7:51pm
wow i quess dorians have good taste in music
by Yyz Freewill on 12/1/2012 6:04am
This exactly how I feel about this girl I like.
by Steven Wilson on 5/21/2013 8:38pm
thanks guys! :)
by NB on 7/9/2013 10:00pm
Love it.
by Tom Galey on 7/27/2013 12:07pm
One of my favorite lyrics ever. I am very honest about it, it inspires me and very well fits with what I've had experienced with a girl I loved. 'Sentimental' and 'The Start of Something Beautiful' are my two favorite PT songs lyric-wise.
by Johnny on 9/3/2013 3:18pm
That's exactly what happened. Every word, it's the story of my life...
It's so sad, nothing was beautiful at the end, it was a whole mess... wasted, everything.
by Roboo on 11/28/2013 2:06am
I think this song tells same story that open car. He going with hooker and fall in love, then start of something beautiful, well think again...
by Bogdan on 1/13/2014 12:51pm
I think that PT through these lyrics speak of music. It's very logic.

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