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Thug Devotion Lyrics

Artist: Mo' Thugs
Album: Family Scriptures

N we are Mo Thug, Mo Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo
Mo Thug, Mo Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Mo Thug, Mo Mo Mo Thug One of deez
soldias, told ya I done told ya, Mo Thug is takin ova Situationz even
though it seemz, playa hataz everywhere, but thatz an everyday thing, So I
continue to stack my green I mean, that i love it, I'm above it Can ya
feel ah, real ah, Mo thuggish ruggish bandit that'll kill ya, drill ya
Pap pap pap pap Itz tha Krayzie B.O.N.E. who stays strapped, Be havin much
love for you real strong Got faith in God cant go wrong Gotta hold on,
stay strong, given up prop to tha double glock Cuz the way we kickin
it just wont stop Mo thuggin always makin shots Everybody, hook up with
somebody, we havin a party, we here till we pass out, until it be
ovah, ahh be it, so come on ova We doin this 7 day, and it's all day,
so follow me if ya wanna feel the love Love, we havin a hell of a party. Parlay parlay. Hey this could be anotha wonderful day, we think about bang
maintain maintain, its Mo Thug its the same thing If we got the pops Mo
Thug the block baby. Put out the shots the shots we can't stop, won't stop, went to receive ah, everything ah see a swisha sweeta Creepah, won't ya, fly for the sky with me, come on get high with me, and when you see it'sonly real when you ride with me! [ride with me] We are havin a party party [we havin a party] party party party party [wehavin a party] We are havin a party party [we havin a party] party party party party[heeeyaayaayeey!!]
We are havin a party party party party. Party! Thug Devotion! Thug
Devotion! Blessing all the children God bless all his children We got
it all for yaa! All for yaa! We be smokin thugs in motion. Ohhh! Can
you feel ah my magic? Lettin ya have it, comin with the automatic weapon
status All of my thugs is here for yo safety Everybody be glad
they had us Cuz we so thuggish Ruggish, and yo we good humble
people, only tryin to teach the world to be a thug in harmony so
peace, Bone And i know i can reach those, blowin this instrumental
wide open, makin examples out of weak soldiers, giving you the
real Thugster Devotion. Bringin my city wit' me in me, everyday
it's goin down, in a town I stay, come around my way, hear the
beat to the thugster sound. With all of my peoples on their feet,
now can I get a MO' MO' MO'! [mooooooo!] We never come weak, we
always strong, that's how we roll [rooooolll] [thas how we roll.]
Thas how we wrestle when the smoke is in the air, playaz from
everywhere, stayin true to the game, ridin reels, well it's
prepared Got my mind, focused on this whole Mo' Thug staff How we
dip n dab, lay a path, and then stab Thas how we be everyday,
routine, playa, grab your green Make 'em come clean, before you
hit the scene You know what I mean, know what I mean? Just pop a
love, flow it, all the way around Mo Thug, puttin it down, comin
straight from the C town Round up ya soldias, cuz it just don't
stop It's all about Mo Thug, all the way to the [toooooop] top
[yea, yea.] Yo, rollin with mo', soldiers. [these are the
streets of heaven, heaven] I said you rollin with mo' soldiers.
[these are the streets of heaven, heaven] This is all Mo Thug, Mo
Thug This is all Mo Thug, Mo Thug Much love, much love, This is
all Mo Thug, Mo thug This is all Mo Thug, Mo Thug Much love much
love much love Thug Devotion! Whooaaoaa. Blessing all the
children. Comin to ya straight from Cleveland! We got it all for
yaa! Yea! We be smokin thugs in motion, Yea ah [repeated] Thug


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