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Ghetto Bluez Lyrics

Artist: Mo' Thugs
Album: Family Scriptures

It'z on Thatz the move AJ [yea] Well it'z on
We gon intensify the struggle, you know what I'm sayin'
We under a lot of pressure, all opposites survive
II Tru put it down, yeah, we gon keep bringin' it 1996 Mo Thugs

Ghetto Bluez has got me down foe the the last time[X:2]
Ghetto Bluez has got me down

Strapped down we get our ways he'z beggin' me to
the extent of my strugglez
Statis, they call me
I'm a low come in up on em' money hustle
The same old thang for a new game
to be played foe cheeze
Gotta get whats promised to a sister
comin' up on bankin g's
Hustlin'z all the same
I can't deal wit theze playaz thoughtz
Too much trustin' risks
make foe week fool to get caught
Hold the slippin' too late to be trippin' we
stratigiez gonna pass to me
Underprice everyday down in all theze lifes
endz societiez
Still I hold on stay strong and focus
with life of no time to pay the price of failure
Let me tell you no lie livin' by the
strugglin' rulez
Gotta do whatcha gotta do thats it
We strugglin' who givez a damn man 'bout
this down and out chick
My head poundin' what am I gonna do
gotta get on the hustle
Makin' the cheeze comin' outta the low-life of
the ghetto
Gotta make this come up
on the real its hard tos truggle
Ghetto live showin' me no Love
but givin' me reason put away
ah' move on somethin
Gotta hold on my bud
its hard as hell tryin' to stay afloat then
the heart of it all so
From my self its the way I go
I gotta do what gotta be done some might get in
the zehard timez
Strugglin'z a mutha when you gotta one that
cannot provide for mine
Lookin' at my predictament
who's gonna help this sister in need
Can't put the trust in the system
so I gotta huslte theze
streetz foe my cheeze
Gotta make that money
comin' up on the meanz to do
Cause one ah' theze 96' dayz I'm outta theze
ghetto bluez

Ghetto Bluez has got me down foe the the last time[X:3]
Ghetto Bluez has got me down [ohh ohhooohh ohh]
[I said it got me down]

Theze ghetto bluez you gotta sistah' faded

Prayed that this was only a dream
Trapped in a slum surrounded by the crack
fiendz meanz Of survival I guess
Hustle in the hood wear the bullet proof vest
Help me Lord I can get no deeper than this

Wish I wasn't born in this world passed
dissmissed fits
Moms got Love for me she don't know what I do ooh
Gotta slang 95' don't bring in enough food

Stedily Look out for myself
my truez and my family see
Gotta go foe self kauze
won't nobody take care ah' me
stradigy Keep foolz outta off this
gotta take care ah' my business
what is this
II Tru playah hataz on the real
you betta get wit this
Been dogg'd foe too long
come strong fool it'z on
AJ klick comin' thick foe
the 96' Right down to the very Bone
Never laggin' 86' ghetto life
86' them ghetto bluez truez
Comin' up foe the 96' playah hataz
you bound tah lose break rulez
Ain't no lawz here playah
understand ghetto bluez kauze foe
movez testin' truez
But remeber the man
go home if you sensitive
Gotta live not tah' give
been in some strange situationz
Comprehend since ya had to so
a sistah did get rid ah' all excesses
Alwayz stay true to my truez
I can do this
Gotta shake theze problemz
get away from theze ghetto bluez

Ghetto Bluez has got me down foe the the last time[X:3]
Ghetto Bluez has got me down

Try to give a nigga shit
tight wit the man in the mirror
See clear through my dayz on now
Big piece of the puzzle setz burned
Finna on get worst
until we layin' in the hearse
It'z a ghetto curse
Every little KiD in the hood
done felt destroyed
Departred up outta this hell hole
Nigga done felt no stress
but I'm blessed if a soldier
I beg of you Lord Jesus
Help me live tah live with
myself n' my klick foe diseasez
Foe the reepah surround my soul
Stedily sendin' theze through my people
Helpin' me through my people
Helpin' me take control ah' my destiny
I can't let theze streetz get the best of me
With all ah' my KiD'z right next to me
You get respect from me
to keep grindin desperately
Calculated my every move
gotta prove to theze foOLz we confusedz
N' your intention to do your thang
n' maintain the mission
Kauze really my truez can't
settle foe no prison sentence
So I keep my distance from yayo
plottin standin loOKin outta the window
For a rainbow never can't stand
foe the some ol
Klaim' Mo' Thug with Love to the death
that the game goes
Reviewing all possiblitiez responsabilitiez is
major now
Ain't no need don't dwel wit em' danger bound
Should of changed around if we make you suit up
Two blockz foe the war check the score II Tru
can't lose
Kauze you knoe we got shit to prove
Gotta stick foe you Livin' the livez
singin' theze ghetto bluez bluez

Ghetto Bluez has got me down foe the the last time
[got me down foe the last time][X:3]
Ghetto Bluez has got me down
[got me down foe the last time]
[ohh ohhooohh ohh]
[I said it got me down]
[I said ghetto bluez got me down foe the last time]
[I said it got me down] [Ghetto Bluez got me down [X:2]]
[Ghetto blues got me down]
[Ghetto bluez got me down for the last time]


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