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Trigonometry Lyrics

Artist: Maestro Fresh Wes
Album: Built To Last

Brother's analyzing it
Other's strategizing it
416 or 905 who got the liver shit
Holocaust and homicidal shit rap scholar
Off the Walla content heart Mic brawla
Brother's analyzing it
Other's strategizing it
416 or 905 who got the liver shit
Holocaust and homicidal shit rap scholar
Off the Walla content heart mic brawla

Verse 1:
Peep the chemistry you niggaz couldn't fuck wit my legacy
Full court furry reign and microphone supremacy
First time my father breathed
Super star scholar seed Apollo creed notes'll make a brawler bleed
Rhyme record the microphone's a deadly murder weapon
Like Albe Shore's eyebrows shots be connecting
You ain't shit to me
Don't ever think of dissin' wit your sinistry
My ministry your wizardry writin' in calligraphy
Gothic my facial feature's like a prophet
You can't stop it I'm taking money out your pockets
I got crazy stamina far from an amateur
I'm representin Canada
Fuck you and your manager
I write smarter I strike harder
Brother's duck and cover up
Sorta like Clinton wit whitewater
Toronto golden child you know the dial
My flow is wild hitting Balboa style and never go to trial
The illa vet on the slicker set
Wit the bigger threat
I make a nigga flex
Fuck his bitch at the Cineplex
The rap champion from Brampton to the Hamptons
I keep the party ampin
Wit the mic temper tantrums


Verse 2:
You pugilist or ludicrist
You either new to dis or taking buddah hits
I got the brain of 2 computer chips
(?) melly mel and dem
You'll never win, old school adrenaline
Verbal arsonist, larcenist slash narcissist
Rap styles nasty like a prostitute on jarvisist
Son I got the flyer brain
Rhymes so raw, I'm the brother who inspired Kane
Flow onto a higher plain
The beat maker, idol maker title taker
The fly flavor vocabulary skyscraper
Scam got the phater tracks
Tough like a battle cap
Props like word baccarat
Halifax and hacky sacks
Maestro's flavor's tight
I'm gonna reign tonight
Even Kanenites loves the way I flame the mic
Get the realist props at the meanest spots
Your girls on my jock you get tequila shots
Every time a needle drops
I be the rap savior from Asia to Malaysia
The 3 black kids from Yellowknife know I'm mega strife
Keep your eye on this rap scientist
Bitch niggaz still trying to do what I done in 89 and shit


Verse 3:
Yo my dialogue brings attention
Sorta like the Shawshank redemption
I start adversaries wit the lyrics that I mention
I put a pro to shame niggaz know my name
Brother bow when they see me as if Jahova came
I got the betta shit forever slick
Peep the predicates
Bruce Banner grammar spray gamma ray
Don't make my sweater rip
I put a hoe in cheak
The microphone'll wreck
It's like a dime wit' no effect
Every time I blow connect
Fuck the calvelry I'm rolling wit the royal family
From Galilee to Bramely it's all about a salary
I eat you like a can o' Spam
I kick the framelan I slam a man
I ring more bells than Alexander Graham
Verbal Masicist who could flow as fast as this
Surpassing this fuck around your ass is hist'
It's a mystery
I be the first platinum act in history
I read the source article
Thanx for missing me


Dean park, Dean park
My nigga Dime
My nigga Moses


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