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Quintessential Lyrics

Artist: Maestro Fresh Wes
Album: Built To Last

featuring Choclair Black 1 In Essence

Now on the twenty sixth
The day after the holyest
I met this dark skinned black
Girl that was stacked
Brown eyes that mesmorized my mind and kept me locked
Doing night rides just make a pit stop at Bluffers Park
Watch the sun rise sick and I then we hit the thighs
We can do it all then we did it all had a ball
Going out for dinner with these candlelights crackin'
Making love on the beach straight up, like spankin' it
I love the ruby red lips, Onyx skin color
Liked her more than all the others
For real, she's my lady
My strip bonafide, at times, drove me crazy
But never think twice to make a man feel nice
Cooked me a gold curry with some peas and rice
There was other girls around, but she would suffice
See, people called me whipped when I was at John Paul
But when my sugar cane hit the sugar walls that was all
The domes for the back, when sweat touched the wall
She's the quintessential
Pedistal she was on
Held the monumental
It's no lie, in my eye she's a diamond in the ruff
Kept her buff, so she shine

[Chorus: In Essence]
You make me feel like I'm all in love
You are the only one I think of
Quintessential love, quintessential love
You are the only one
Make me feel so in love
Quintessential love, quintessential love

Sippin' Bailey, smokin' sess when I first met you
Steady flashin', I be askin'
What's your name, what's your sign, who you with
If you don't mind Miss Quintessential
A perfect physical facial
Swap digits, plan dates, yo we hit late shows
Went down to Lake Shore, my chocolate Laura Secord
At the seaport, aires earthborn, independent
Make bucks, when we argue, make enough for sure
Room three, constolation resort
Me, my philly, sight see mega city ends
caramel complex, coconut skin
Feelings for you, you make a brother wanna sing (what)
You make a brother wanna sing


It's unanimous
G-O-D got his hand in this
no televangelist can hang with this and do his thing with this
Honey got the meanest style, the sweetest smile
Body from the amazon, face from the Fuji Isle
Her name's Tina-ray, father was a green beret
I went to Lamarou, she went to Cedebrey
Nothing's purer, she stimulated my medula
Luteniat Uhura, rock, it shines like a jewler
On the down low, she might smoke a little wreffer
Watchin' Living Single when Latifah play Khadijah
Other brothers try to cash it
But honeys got assets like Angela Bassett
Chicken heads could never match it
Very ambitious, funny and affectionate
In public she's a lady, in bed, we triple-xin' it
Even mom loves her, she's gettin' mega props
She's forever hot, plus she cooks a mean pepper pot
A hype lover, she'd make a nice mother
She got me open, like Toni Braxton on the vibe cover
She's sweet as candy, always understand me
I take her by the hand and we skate like Ty and Randy
Her magic glass hole, got me tellin' the truth
Her braclets plot my game, so I couldn't seduce
She kissed me on the cheek and told me simple and plain
On her birthday, she wanted an invisible plane



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