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Kisha Lyrics

Artist: Lil' Wayne

wayne: got an early call from kisha,kisha wanted me to meet her she said she
thought it was time for the relationship to get deeper,she said Tuesday I'm
gonna beep ya what whould be a good time to reach ya, she said ten but I though
elven would be sweeter she said she wanted to see ya said I needed a teaser
shit whose got the keys to my beamer I rolled me up a blunt an grab the
crystal out the frezzer hopped in the two-seater don't be playing miss cita
rolled the speed up and cheater only thing on my mind is how I'm gonna get up
in this cheap slut I used a rubber cause I heard she was a freak but they say
she keep that shit up I don't want any chop cita I called her on the cell and
told her I'm on to meet ya soon as I got up in the house she grabbed my peanut
peanut I said ohhh Kisha I went pulled it and she drunk it like a two-liter
she flow like a crow oh no I got to keep her told I'll be back around 11 on
tha creeper now don't you go to sleep I got so meat to feed ya.

Turk: I'm feeling kinda hot I wonder whats up with kisha tonight,I'm gonna
give her a call she if it's all right for me to dig through she said it's
gravy first I get somebody to watch my baby I said its all good I'll be there
in a minute she know I knew wayne was already hitting it an as I pulled up I
see my dog running out he gave me that look but he didn't open his mouth. as
he pulled off I knocked on tha door saying to my self look at this dog ass
hoe. What you want me to do, you know I like my shit sucked for you to follow
the cum and put ice on my nuts now I'm up I'm holler at cha kitty I got studio
tonite me and the h-bezy's I can't be late I'm see ya when I could heres juve
over here let em' know its all good.

Juve: oh oh there she go on her way to the corner store lil turk done let me
know we done tha same bitch before say lil mama where you headed she told me
forget hopped in the backseat of my car an she spread hold on I don't wanna
fuck ya first I want you to suck on my dick untill my nuts a burst she was
a fool with it she said she had a good teacher she went to school with That
she know what to do with it I didn't want the bitch to have my car all smelly
so I took her in the ally with k-y jelly pull shorts ya and her draws down to ya
knees put the rubber on the dick handle that please I hit it she sucked it
I hit it she sucked it and sucked it I got tired of the pussy and mouth so I
said fuck it say boo I gotta ride my baby mama beeping me and she stay way on
the other side I hit b-gezy on the celly told she all good down in the alley

B.G.: this hoe don't know I know she fucked all three of my dawgs so I caught
in the alley down by the mall she fucked wayne juve turk I know she ain't got
no walls but they told she do a damn job on the balls she gave me the number
so I gave her a call told her what I was thinking and she was down with it all
can't deny she a fool she kept that dick standing tall, what she do to a nigga
should be agaist the law. thats how Hot Boy$ play when we finish we tossed
baby when you finish manny fresh down the hall now after this espiode that
hoe won't be able to walk take two or three steps that hoe just might fall
now you know those Hot Boy$ say it ha get in a bitch head and get do something
bad ha kisha got game right yeah fucked the whole cash money click in one night

(start talking)


by mariah on 9/12/2008 11:13am
oh hell naw hahaha atleast wayne got ha first, ahahaaaa. :) thats my baby <3

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