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Let€™s Live Lyrics

Artist: Krayzie Bone
Album: Gemini: Good Vs Evil

lets live X5,
got to keep living, come on and
lets live X5,
try to stay, got to stay alive, my niggas
lets live X5,
we should be living here, come on and
lets live X5
lets live lets live...

i look at my life and i realize i dont wanna let go, (no)
im tryin to survive i dont wanna die, im searchin the best road,
never playing myself, by playing with death, nigga yall better wake up to living,
and appreciate the life you're given,
oh no i dont (dont) wanna go, not now man,
theres too many things a nigga got planned too much to understand,
still so many goals for me to achieve and please believe it,
its rough but still that aint no reason to stop ya breathing,
they ask if a nigga was scared to pass away and i tell 'em hell yeah,
cant hug my babies if i drift and slip in hades its crazy,
and niggas be killin me sayin they ready to die, (you ready to die?)
im ready to live nigga.
grow old with my kids nigga,
aint taking no chances on no afterlife,
cause theres only death after life,
so ill be spending my time,
tyin to stay alive,
if i gotta live and let die


now we livin in a world full of war and murder,
but money makes the world go round and round,
everybody killin everybody
whats that sound?
nine millimeter heater buck em buck em all down,
ooh yall rest in peace, (looks like looks like)
people dont rest in peace, (the world: R-I-P)


now everybody wanna go to heaven, but nobody wanna die, (why?)
that dont make sense,
but let me tell you that i know of a place where (where),
we can just go and chill (just chill), for real,
no more crime,
no more strain,
no more dyin,
no more pain,
no more wasting our lives away,
got to pray X4
everyday X4
and if you fall,
be sure to write,
and everythings gon be all right,
just keep ya eyes on the prize,
and maybe you'll make it up outta this life,
we all die so young, victims of the gun
from poverty to harmony and then to (??)
my nigga you ready to end it?
speak for yourself;
im ready for life, and everything else?
to hell with that



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