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Smokin Budda Lyrics

Artist: Krayzie Bone
Album: Thug Mentality

And it makes me see every puff that I breath
Blowin herbs and leaves would ease the World (2x)
Bud smokaz only reefer really makes ya happy don't it? (8x)

Verse 1:
We smokin budda...come again we smokin budda
me rollin with me pass the hoota to ya
me feelin that blunt so don't let that budda fool ya
puff on the hoota...come again puff on this hoota
sit back relax and let the budda sooth ya
and when they ask who you can tell 'em Krayzie schooled ya
puff on the hoota, but first me gotta get with me friends
so Wish you light it up cuz I'm gonna spend all my ends
on the budda, come and get me shunnin a blunt my friend
so, you don't wanna go half? ok I'll put in the ends
on the budda budda
we rollin, smokin, chokin, pass it, toke it hand it back to ya
that budda

So high(Now how high can you go?)(6x)

Verse 2:
L.A. gotta get my connections, I been stressin on this airplane
I was just thinkin of crashin, now them sess gotta be relaxin'
smokin, chokin, rollin, glancin, but we won't spend no money
them sess gotta be lovely or we ain't fuckin' with ya
y'all give me that, don't want that, don't give me that want no stressin

no, we don't want that(not in cali-for-nay-a)
reefer really makes me happy, and it makes me see
every puff that I breath blowin herbs and leaves would ease that world
I done been to the other side, I seen London and Paris
niggas get fuckin bloody high, gotta go find mary-jane's
world-wide, so why, is it such a crime?
hey, everybody should be gettin high
so, Mr. weed man, you know we lookin for the trees with no seedsly
(Yeah, yeah) we got the cheesy, we need to know if you can show me,
the nigga with the weedy (but can he, can he, can he?)


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