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Watch Your Back Lyrics

Artist: Kottonmouth Kings
Album: No. 7

(Daddy X)
I don't who to trust no more
Let it go, got ten for the war
That's the voice inside my head
It's got me over seein red
See I don't wanna cross the line
But that's the fuckin last time
You ever try to play me out
and now this shit is going down

Watch Yo Back Homie
Watch yo back, Watch yo Back x4

(Daddy X)
You got to watch your back now a days
All these bustas always lookin at me sideways
Sizein me up, tryin to figure out how I play
But I aint playin with these motha fuckers no way
Not today or any day
I learned the hard way
You double cross and backstab
This higher stacks even family members skime on you
So know your enemy and only trust a chosin few


You'll get slaped
Sick of suckas talkin smack
Run your month
Where you at
Look at me like I'm whack
Is he fake, can he rap
Don't get hit by his bat
Your the klick he's the klack
Im a dog your a cat

I'm takin and makin
It sounds so great
So listen to the master dimostraight
When I smoke this blunt and elivate
Like damn that boys a heavy wieght
We DEBATE to see if he's nice or not
Like damn that boy you make it hott
Like damn that boy i just don't stop
Like damn that boys callin the shots

I know some cats that always talk a lot but do nothin
You never winin you into losin
If you alwasy bluffin
Say move the case
But you really only bakin muffins
Breakin up p's
we gettin rid of shit in bakers dozen
Big mouths ya They gonna catch IT too
We knew who ran their lips
And THEIR DAY is comin soon
You gotta watch your back
I know I'm watchin mine
Just ask my soilders who be holdin down the front line


(Daddy X)
You ever had a friend or bitch
that claimed that they was down for you
I mean the loyal type you trusted them like they was true
You let them deep inside
Kept em feed
and kept em high
Come to find out every word they say was just a fuckin lie

You feel like MISTA GOLD!!(MR. GOLD)
TAKEN to that gutter level
Get down and dirty with them
Make em wrestle with the devil
But they aint even worth the time sweat or energy
Just learn YOUR LESSON on YOUR friends that you trust and keep

Out for yourself
To many people got it all wrong
Burnin briges when they really should be mendin bonds
It's lonely at the top
Cause everybodys after you
You gotta watch your back
Ya that's what you gotta do

Buisness and Personal shit learn how to SPLIT it well
To many mother fuckas actin fake go to hell
I aint got energy or time to waste ON WASTED TALENT
I keep it movin straight and forward
Never lose my balance

I keep it poppin
I aint from Comptin (WEST SIDE)
NOW we got the whole country stompin
Watch your back watch your back watch your back Mother fucker
Cause I'm comin from the front
And I'm smellin like a skunk
JUST ASK DR. GREENTHUMB Bout them Killa Kali Kush Blunts
Realize who your true friends and you enemys are because when the end comes you could get fucked off you better watch your back dogg


(Daddy x)
In times like thses
It's gettin hard to see
Just see a friend and lose your enemy
Cause in the end I guess it all depends
What you call an enemy and what you call a friend

Watch your Back


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