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Horsemen Talk Lyrics

Artist: Killah Priest
Album: The Priesthood

{*horses galloping and neighing*}

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah, motherfucker

[Chorus 1: Killah Priest]
This is Horsemen Talk, Horsemen walk
Get the fuck out the way before The Horsemen stalk
We headless motherfuckers and we lacerate
Don't you know the shit could get real when your ass get smoked?
{*gun shot*}

[Chorus 2: Killah Priest]
This is Horsemen Talk, Horsemen walk
Get the fuck out the way before The Horsemen stalk
We headless motherfuckers and we lacerate
Don't you know the shit could get real when you wind up smoked?

[Killah Priest]
I spit volcanoes
Twist heads, spit lead, then boast like the angels
The scorpion tongue
Come close I'ma sting you, I'm Morpheus' son
Part two to The Matrix, I'm atheist
Only God is my gauges and the clip is my church
Show the beginnin and the end when I'm spittin my verse
Voodoo curse brought back The Horsemen from the grave
Four headless motherfuckers that'll clap at the gate
Stomp his chest in and put the fuckin axe through his leg
Chop his head off cuz the livin motherfuckers never seen the dead walk
Til now, Horsemen spread his corpse across the ground
Priest pick niggas off that talk, with a pound
Come on..

Chorus 2

Let me tell em, the headless Horsemen nigga...
I'm back, give me a fired up Mac
Seventeen different sachels of uncooked crack
Dogs don't associate with cats
Horses beat niggas with metallic wiffle ball bats
If time could rewind I would have rewound before
Knocked down, surround and drowned before
Concentrated, ligaments separated
Pronounced un-cuffed with the hoofs pound
I'm Kurupt, Young Gotti, the Headless Horseman
I'm the one that started off extortion
Contortion began to spread to scorchin
Featherweights came with the enforcements
And forced the enforcements I'm forcin
And open the doors, let all the force in
I never really gave a fuck what it's costin
Time ain't money cuz I take my money
And I take my time when I take my money
I'm always careful when I make my money
I know about niggas gettin quaked by money
But The Horsemen here though
Comin through with the Hennessey and dough dough
I'm lookin at the niggas peepin out the hoes
I start cookin motherfuckers like kilos

Chorus 1 (first two lines)

{*horses neighing*}

[Ras Kass]
Cock my Beanie like Anna B C, g'wan
Release the beast, G heat, creeps beneath me
Like the over fiend ET with VD
Feasibly he see beyond 3-D
We the glitch in The Matrix
Neo, these niggas got computer code runnin across they faces
Temporarily trade places
I define hip-hop and transcend it
Take linear time and bend it
The figures flyin, forever told niggas since the 13th amendment
Plus whoever told you, you could contend with men with tremendous?
For rhymin magnum mentality, for rhymin over instrumentals
Flow like menstruals
Men in car menaces, murder fresh-maker like Mentos
Rock like cement, cum like semen
Judgemental demon, man listen
Y'all niggas is fembots
We bend blocks with big shots
And kill your little homey like Kid Rock's
I kid you not, kick rocks or kick box
And like a one legged man in an ass kickin contest
You're gonna get your ass stampeded repeatedly
And immediately Hannibal Lecter gonna feed it to me
Please believe what you see
Or see it to believe it
Heard men are from Mars, that's why I floss on Venus
Wipe out the species, extinct ya whole genus
So fresh and so clean this
The outcast of rap, Horsemen attack
The only thing gonna pop is my collar and a gat

Chorus 1 & 2

Yo, yo, yo
Fuck beggin for ya life, I have you niggas beggin for death
Use a dull blade and sever ya neck
You're whack because I say so
In my platoon niggas like you are good for peelin potatoes
With your manicured hands and gay flows
I murder your first born after it's only a day old
+Rip the Jacker+ rips the track up
Rippin rappers, 8 sack, rippin that ass up
Niggas back up when I attack with my axe up
Swingin faster than Tiger Woods at The Masters (FORE!)
I decapitate you faggots
Then gallop over ya body with a horse and carriage
Kidnap ya widow, fuck her in a wooden cabinet
Pass the pussy to Priest and let him stab it
Ask Ras and Kurupt if they wanna get at it
Laughin like madmen, swallowin X tablets
Natural born spitters that mean business
Millennium niggas, got the Sword of Ginean wit us
And we all got a bone to pick
Niggas talkin about frozen wrists and how much dough they get
Go to war with them like the Bosnians and Bolsheviks
Put an umbrella up they asshole and open it
While I'm still holdin it, openin and closin it
I break they motherfuckin pelvic bones with it
I will sabotage, everybody knows that shit
A nigga spittin like me ain't supposed to break
Now I got a formula that's guaranteed to work
The Horsemen, remember you heard it from me first
Four niggas that done been through it
With more knowledge than the Druids and the will power to do it
My cranium pumps duranium
My first name's Jermaine so my heart probably pumps Germanium
When I die, they should have my wake in a stadium
You can witness my body beamed up by aliens
Radiation poisonin that will probably make ya skin fall off
Motherfucker this is Horsemen Talk {*echoes*}

[Outro: Movie Sample]
I remember the first war
The way the sky burned
The faces of angels destroyed
I saw a third of Heaven's legion vanished
And the creation of Hell
I stood with my brothers and watched Lucifer fall
But now my brothers are not brothers
And we have come here where we are mortal
To steal the dark soul not yet Lucifers
To serve our cause
I have always obeyed
But I never thought the war would happen again


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