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Dj Vu Lyrics

Artist: Killah Priest
Album: Black August

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Certain... Twilight zone

[Killah Priest]
Stared at me with his cold eyes, who was this old guy?
Drug him in the building, as police drive by
Took out my four-five, cocked it, put it to his forehead
Dugout his pockets, went in his shirt, and took his locket
Threw him near the garbage, aimed the gun and shot it
Then dodged quick, how that, so fast, felt the wind go past
Everything went in a flash, hopped over the trash
I ran around the corner, cut up the alley
And made to the backdoor in the lobby, then I stopped
My eyes was shot, all my stolen goods dropped
My body stood still like a rock
I saw this kid holdin' a four-five, with the same old guy
With the same cold eyes, I looked out the building
Saw the same cop car roll by
It woke me out the trance when I heard a shot
Saw the old man cry, shit drop, by the garbage
Kid disappeared somewhere through the project
So I chased him, called his name, 'round the corner
Up the block, through the alley
Though the backdoor into a lobby
When I came in, I saw the kid backin' up, with his gat in his clutch
And floor full of stuff that he stoled from that man
I glanced over the kid's shoulders, I seen the same old man
Another young dude with the gun in his hand
Pointed at the old man's head, makin' demands
I looked out the lobby door, saw the same police man
Drove by, it was no surprise, I said shot
At the same time I heard a gun pop
Looked at the garbage, saw a man lyin' there crotchin'
Couldn't believe what I was watchin', I walked near him
Should I fear him, I said to myself, it's gettin' weird son
I told to old man, stared in his cold eyes
At the same time I felt the ghost go by
I looked up, saw me, holdin' the four-five
I glanced back at him, asked him, what's happenin'
What's the meaning? Am I dreaming?
He whispered, the locket that you stole from me
Open it, there's a picture
So I opened the locket on the silver chain
Saw a picture of him, and he had the same initials as my name
Hope I'm not goin' insane, I can't explain, somethin' is strange
I took off the old man's frames, put 'em on my eyes
At the same time, the old man died
Then I cried, I felt like something inside me died
It got weird too, cuz out of nowhere
I asked myself, do I fear you?
And a beard grew, I felt my face, took out a mirror
Looked in it, my hair was silver and in terror
My body got cold, I broke the mirror, I felt I was old
So I closed the locket, put the chain over my head
Hid the picture in my shirt, like a curse
I stood up and walked outside
Where a kid was waitin' for me, with a loaded four-five
I didn't say a word, I just stared in his eyes
Said to myself, I know this guy
Then he grabbed me by my shirt, then he drug me inside
I asked him why, but he didn't reply
Fuck it, I might be high
He reached in my pocket, he dug in my shirt
That's what I thought, damn, my locket
Went and pointed the gun and cocked it
Then he shot it, no, what's goin' on?...
He stared at me with his cold eyes, who was this old guy?
Drug him in the building, as police drive by
Took out my four-five, cocked it, put it...


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