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Looking For Space Lyrics

Artist: John Denver

Looking For Space
John Denver

On the road of experience, I'm trying to find my own way.
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away
When I think that I'm moving, suddently things stand still
I'm afraid 'cause I think they always will

And I'm looking for space
And to find out who I am
And I'm looking to know and understand
It's a sweet, sweet dream
Sometimes I'm almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle
And sometimes I'm deep in despair

All alone in the universe, sometimes that's how it seems
I get lost in the sadness and the screams
Then I look in the center, suddently everything's clear
I find myself in the sunshine and my dreams

And I'm looking for space
And to find out who I am
And I'm looking to know and understand
It's a sweet, sweet dream
Sometimes I'm almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle
And sometimes I'm deep in despair

On the road of experience, join in the living day
if there's an answer, it's just that it's just that way

When you're looking for space
And to find out who you are
When you're looking to try and reach the stars
It's a sweet, sweet sweet dream
Sometimes I'm almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle
But sometimes I'm deep in despair
Sometimes I fly like an eagle,
like an eagle
I go flying flying


by Carol on 9/20/2008 12:07pm
beautiful lyrics
that's how i feel ...
ups and downs..
getting confused,glad,hopeless,afraid,in peace... they're all clues in order to find my truly soul..
by james on 11/6/2008 5:48am
very beautifully rendered, i love the feelings i got any time i hear his songs. never can forget the words....
by Kiernan on 11/10/2008 2:44pm
My favorite song of all-time!
by forgetmenot on 11/11/2008 5:41pm
I think he had bipolar
by Thomas on 11/12/2008 1:06pm
If someone can tell me name of the better song then this...I'm ready to pay him. The most beautiful song in the univers. In the space, as John would says.
by Elizabeth on 11/21/2008 3:09pm
I come back to this song again and again. When I'm so down, it brings me back; shall I say it centers me? ;)
by Brooks on 11/23/2008 10:23am
One of the great songs. Made my wife promise to have it played at my funeral.
by Erik on 11/25/2008 4:08pm
One Man doing so much for so many.
The world misses you John as I do.
by David on 11/28/2008 1:57am
I first heard this song on Magnum P.I. The song was featured in the episode in which Magnum was supposed to die, but the fans brought him back. Yes, this is a beautiful song. One that reached that "space," that "center," the "sublime."
by Pam on 12/1/2008 11:03am
"Sometimes the answer is just that it's just that way." What a great line of a beautiful song.
by SB San on 12/5/2008 3:21am
I was looking n looking for d song that can define my today....and finally i find it.....
Its like it can read my mind....

Thanks John
by Let's Avoid The Dramatics on 12/13/2008 11:53pm
The date is December 13th, it's 12:22 AM. This song is too dramatic for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. It wouldn't be so sad if it wasn't so pathetic. I'm probably the best father of the people I know, you son of a gun. I TOOK YOU TO A MAGIC SHOW! Virtual reality show! PARIS! Why are you mean? WHY! WHY! Yes, you have my genes. But! You can not take my fatherhood. NOR CAN YOU HAVE IT!
by jkinstler on 12/22/2008 9:19pm
John uses a lot of metaphors and similarities in his songs and as a song signer myself I cannot tell you what great joy to interpret his songs in American Sign Language (ASL). If you cannot sing then sign. John introduce music into my life and I will continue to share his spirit to others through sign. Thank you for being part of my life John!
by Josh on 1/1/2009 6:40pm
I also heard this song for the first time on the intended-to-be final episode of Magnum P.I. A very touching, honest and meaningful song.
by Michael on 1/10/2009 9:28am
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.....the lyrics absolutely get to me. It so much like what i feel sometimes. Excellent song!
by tschlink on 2/3/2009 1:35am
How did one man have so much wisdom and the world not appreciate him more?
by julie on 2/13/2009 8:15pm
listen to the lyrics of all his music, he was ahead of his time in appreciating the environment.What a teacher of the land
by Darla on 3/7/2009 4:13pm
This song allows me to soar, it always has. Now, at the point I'm at in my life, it's even more perfect. I find it to be very Zen. They lyrics and music of this one move with us through all of our lives...
by Bri55033 on 3/7/2009 10:01pm
Until recently, I'd never taken the time to reflect on why I have always come back to this song when life seems difficult. Recently, I decided to read and reflect on the lyrics for the first time. I found that the simple prose contained a powerful message about the human condition. It exemplifies the struggle that we all face, as well as the need for discovery and definition of what's important in our lives in order to cope with that struggle. Life is a passage that will take all of us to amazing highs and dramatic lows. Regardless of where we are along that journey, the discovery and definition of our "center" will always allow us someplace supportive to come back to.
by David D on 3/21/2009 2:46pm
This song and lyrics of other Mr. John Denver's songs inspiring me very well. Every time I hear this particular song Im looking back in my life and revising all experiences I have had so far. Im still young men, but time runs so fast that I just thinking about how we all going to live later on this 'Express Train' life.
by jessika h on 4/4/2009 3:37am
my dad was a huge john denver fan and he brought us all up to love him as well, my dad passed away a month ago and i find myself sitting her listening to this song thinking of him..i love you daddy
by You know... on 4/13/2009 11:55pm
I will always associate this song with the episode of Magnum, PI where they killed him off, and he was in Limbo trying to tie up all the loose ends of his life.

Before they decided to do a 9th season and decided he was just in a coma, of course.
by Another Josh on 5/13/2009 1:35am
I never really watched Magnum, P.I. when it was first on. I went through all the episodes a few years ago while unemployed, and also heard this song for the first time there. It's on my iPod now, and every time I hear it, I strongly associate it with that episode. It makes for an even more emotional response.
by WiiDad on 6/22/2009 10:23pm
I too first heard this song on magnum many many years ago. I thought John sang the song but could not find the name. I found it tonight and heard it for the first time since the TV show. WOW!!!!
by Pavla on 7/1/2009 1:21pm
John is not so well-know in my country (I'm czech). I've found him on youtube as it happens. I was aware that I know some his songs for all my live. But not all. When I've found this song, I've stoped looking for next one. "Looking for space" is the best! And John was magic writer.
by sixthday on 7/14/2009 10:41pm
This song was actually written and dedicated to est training (Erhard Seminar Training), which was a big inspiration to John Denver and his songwriting.
by linda on 8/10/2009 12:32am
John was and is a wonderful and gentle soul, not to mention a good looking man.
His talent was great as his heart.
I feel that Annie was the love of his life and I hope they get to have a life together, next time around. Though he had problems like we ALL do, he was a kind and loving person. We love you John!
by Peggy on 1/20/2010 1:22am
I'm a closeted John Denver fan. I have to point out to whomever posted these lyrics, that there is not "t" in the word "suddenly."
by Andy on 10/6/2010 4:05pm
I will never forget the horrible news that we lost John Denver to a plane crash into the Monterey Bay.

There will never be another...
by Todd on 10/18/2010 12:09am
I love this song. I seem to always come back to it; speaks to me. Thanks John.
by PeeBee on 1/10/2011 5:20pm
I just love John Denver. Nobody to me like him. He cannot be replaced
by Big John on 4/24/2011 10:01pm
Breathtaking My favorite JD song of all time
by Jim Kirkpatrick on 5/1/2011 7:48am
I just used this song in a sermon titled “How to Fly Like an Eagle When You’re Really a Chicken” based on Isaiah 40:25-31. It’s a great summary of life and faith.
by Aspy Dadabhoy on 5/13/2011 1:21am
this song so clearly reflects my current state of amazingly gifted this man was .....that he could understand and interpret his emotions in so articulate a manner.,.giving the rest of us a voice for an emotion or a bunch of them that we find so difficult to state...ive heard this song several times before.but its not uptil right now (probably the 100th time)that i so completely understand what hes going through...and in a way what we ALL go through....a poetry of life.
by Aspy Dadabhoy on 5/13/2011 1:23am
this song so clearly reflects my current state of amazingly gifted this man was .....that he could understand and interpret his emotions in so articulate a manner.,.giving the rest of us a voice for an emotion or a bunch of them that we find so difficult to state...ive heard this song several times before.but its not uptil right now (probably the 100th time)that i so completely understand what hes going through...and in a way what we ALL go through....a poem about life.Could anyone better this work of art.
by Lauren on 6/9/2011 2:04pm
I am a big JD fan. I have almost every song he ever sung, all of his TV shows, all of his movies and tons of books on his life along with his autobiograpy. This song shows how truly bipolar he was. Unfortunately, his life was lost to this illness.
by Debra on Maui on 6/11/2011 7:02pm
I played this song at my dear brother's memorial after he committed suicide. So fitting. He loved nothing more than flying. He is finally free.
by Will Stockdale on 7/28/2011 2:14pm
Hey Ben, maybe you'll get to like the Air Force. Zooming all over the sky and shouting ROGER and WILCO and everything. Maybe it won't be so bad.
by Chris on 8/19/2011 6:39pm
I have not heard this song in a while and it rings true even today over 30 years ago, I am still trying to find out who I am. I still trying and never will.
by Steve on 9/4/2011 4:23pm
There are a million songs, but none can quite grasp the difficulty of growing up like these word. Some people think john Denver was not cool. He must have been
by Aniruddha Rahma on 10/15/2011 1:43am
Since my mother tongue is not English that is why I didn't know John Denver.but few years ago,I heard his name when he was died in plane crushed.And I first listen his song Ann's song.It catch my all attraction and I went to visit Wikipedia to know him by one I heard his almost all song.Now my favorite singer is John Denver but before it was Bryan Adams.And I think, No singer can go over John Denver in my heart. Hail John Denver
by james mcdowell on 1/8/2012 3:03pm
I can't believe I've just discovered this song. It is so beautiful. He had such an understanding of life and the world. Miss him
by Terry on 1/31/2012 9:31pm
This is truly one of my favorite songs. I feel like he wrote it for me. I enjoyed John Denver's music when I was 14. Now I'm 54 and I love his music even more. I find I listen to the lyrics, and not only hear them differently, but appreciate them differently now. The man was truly a gifted artist. He had such a beautiful way of describing his feelings and life in general. I still find it very difficult to accept that he is gone.
by James Chu on 3/13/2012 11:22pm
This song was written by John Denver after he completed the est training in the 70's. The song described the experience he went through during the training. The training is very enlightening, and John "got it". I know because I took the est training too. Too bad it is no longer offered. It has been replaced by the Landmark Forum. I encourage all to take that course. My life has never been the same since. Take the course, and you too will know exactly what John means with his lyrics.
by Sharon on 7/13/2012 5:18am
Beautiful song with special meaning in my life, thank you John.
by Karen on 10/30/2012 4:16am
This song really describes all the feelings we all go through while trying to figure out our place in the world. If you have always known your place in the world then you have either been blessed or you haven't really looked.
by hack on 1/14/2013 3:58am
Ahhhh beautiful memories of magnum....,
by Deaner on 3/24/2013 5:36pm
Miss you John. Pastor Janet sang it at your funeral. It was so appropriate in so many ways.
by Lynn on 3/27/2013 9:28pm
We are all alone in the universe trying to find our way but with the sweet dreams, looking to the center, sunshine, reaching for stars we can all fly like an eagle soaring through some of life's despairs.
by arlene on 9/26/2013 6:04am
Was trying to remember the song that was in that one episode of Magnum PI when he's basically on the edge of life and death (and it would have been the final episode if it hadn't been picked up for a final season) and this is the song. Netflix has the series. I recommend watching it.
by Mark on 12/27/2013 6:29pm
I first heard this song on the 1st final episode of Magnum PI and was captivated. Later, I used the song when I was a DARE Instructor for the Lewis and Clark Co. Sheriffs Office for the Culmination (graduation) ceremonies for the students. I can never hear it without being moved to tears.....
by Jack on 7/2/2014 3:03pm
The TV was left on and the death of Magnum PI episode was on. Though my hearing was damaged years ago due to chemotherapy I could still catch the pitch and tempo to this song. My attention was glued to the episode. I remembered it was a JD tune from long ago but I could not understand most of the lyrics. Thank God for computers; with the phrase "sweet, sweet dreams" I was able find the song. The lyrics are remarkable and reflect a lot about my life.
by John W. on 8/8/2014 7:14am
I am 80 & have searched for "my song" many, many years. ..."it's just that way..." phrase answers my
life's question. Thanks for the lyrics, Mr. Denver. You left us much too soon. Rest in Peace.
by Frank P on 9/9/2014 10:11am
I have always kept these lyrics on my desk at work. I tear up every time I hear it.
by Dick J on 9/15/2014 9:05pm
I'm a long time fan , first saw john denver in concert in 1977 in williamsburg va. I've heard this song for years but never listened to it until tonight. Wow. It does help and like the others have said" sometimes the answer is its just that way" . Enough said!
by Matt on 11/2/2014 10:43am
I have known about and liked "Looking For Space" for many years, but only recently have I realized it says exactly how I feel. Such a special song...sung by such a special man...we will miss him, always.

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