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The Sticky Lyrics

Artist: Grüvis Malt
Album: Sound Soldiers

I thought it love again but really just a hormone thing
For a second we were sonic but the session's to the outer wings
Like so many other druthers I cuddled â'til words were puddles and
then I mopped them up so we were silent...
Communication was basic but honest on the carnal level
My advocative devil talk was walking through a carnival to her
To see through her was to glance but to be through with her
took a thousand chances and a stance on stuff

I wish I could just sit on
my friends are quick to wit on
many teens quick to spit on
but my parents raised their kids on theology

My Paps preached evology so ideology is lost on me or to me like my tender
She cost me views on virginity almost winning me
So I charge her with treason for selling me
on pleasing my reason's seething out my pores
while I'm heavy breathing weakening my soul power
Somebody tipped my hour glass over to dance inside my sand
Life's a beach when you teach with your mouth not your hand
But she didn't listen so she's still Romen like my man
And I'm thinking "To hell with women I'm giving my love to the band"
Hey Ho it's not my job to keep another reprimanded
or candid instead I'm branded
as an artist on the keyboard heavy-handed
But how we've landed â- not stranded but standing erect â-
trying to get respect in this small time sect
Rockstars want to belittle me but I'm already there
A second fiddle can't belittle second chair
WHO REALLY CARES cuz I don't know what love is
I'm just a toys â'r us kid throwing tantrums
for this phantom which I want my mind rid of...

I need a little bit more of what you don't have...
So I find myself in a sticky situation

Homosapiens fall in and out of love
It's a shame the pain engrained in these specimens
Is this love? Naw guess again
Permanence is what you're up against
Hesitance takes precedence
So vent to prevent evil intent
Pay the last month's rent and make arrangements for estrangement
I can take containment
But how long before I get inflamed?
Mindframe wishing to roam the range untamed naturally

No really, I'm not the touchy-feely kind
Just looking for mindflame's fire, no mindgames retire
These disguised into eggshells as they're repellent
and meant to prevent my being content
Hell-bent on finding anti-plastic matches on mental levels of such magic
Value views not blues like unchained pallets of colour
No smother, no blunder under covers of glow we flow
Unnoticed no protest, no sourness...
the permanent conquest of the alone
the permanent conquest to be alone...


Consider me healed where once I kneeled
I stand a great deal stronger
A curse repealed so hypnotize I'm wise
of what was peeled no longer
I blinked because I thought you out-thinked me with the drinking
Now I wink because I caught you in a stink...
I couldn't play the savior when behavior is your sickness
We never clicked because your noggin's licked by bricks of thickness
Bear witness to the girls who try to be coy,
they're gonna catch the decoy
and end up shluppin' with a chump shaking rump to be a she-toy...


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Grüvis Malt Lyrics
Grüvis Malt Sound Soldiers Lyrics

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