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Dub Lyrics

Artist: Grüvis Malt
Album: Sound Soldiers

Humidity is sweating me waiting for sound to bless me
Unless it's feeling testy, Its officers will soon arrest me
...forget putting your hands to the sky
Salvation is found in sound
See I bow
Rally round the sound throne
Drone, slave, pawn, spawn, medium
Yes, to rest on all of this is my wish,
my mission to serve sound pounds down
The message stabs and sucks as it's sending
It plucks nerve endings
Brain signals wiggle
The presence becomes visual
Haunting individuals habitually
Residual sound pigments are non-fictional
Figments that foolish fake friends of sound
spew forth should be rejected; at least disrespected
To all those affected, here's a new perspective

I dub the unworthy
And further more dirty
For toying with powers that you do not possess...

Patience is lost
the cost: I must regain the crown
As long as this body is mine you will infect it
Forever a slave to my soul's idol
An instrument in your hands
Your gift's the key to my survival

But I will wait for you to sweep away the silence
I belong to you
See me and seal me up with yourself
I wish to be the thief who steals your power and projects it
If I fumble its essence I'm blessed with only depression
Look upon me now
Feel the need I have for you to dub me
Sound Soldier

When in control I feel your shadow
Below it hovers low
It bellows lightly
To please it is lovely and I feel your release
Relieved I breath in peace and treat you up with sweet belief
Care and caution as a thief I have stolen Sound's power and projected it
Rejected if I fumble its essence
I learn the lessons of failing a generous presence
Now in repression I must prove my worth again
There is strength in sorrow
But will you be there tomorrow?
To matter in this world I must be allowed to borrow
Please Sound God, make me an angel

Do you dub me unworthy?
And further more dirty?
For toying with powers that I do not possess?

Mr. Rourke says:
"You cannot oppose me, I am the music god..."


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