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Freestyle - Busy Bee Lyrics

Artist: Funkmaster Flex
Album: The Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter

[Busy Bee]
Sixty Minutes of Funk -- Volume III, The Final Chapter
of the Funkmaster Flex
Aiyyo Flex this is Busy Bee man, and I ain't goin for that
I heard Volume I, I heard Volume II
It is now to do Volume III, with Busy Bee
And we gotta do it somethin like this

Ahh yeah that's the way it goin down
Now this is how we did it way back in the days
It was all about peace and love and happiness at the Latin Quarters
All up in the Disco Fever, all uptown in the Boogie Down
at the T-Connection, and then we should come on down to Union Square
and play at the Roxy's, oh we just had a good time up there
and it was goin down like this, we had all the DJ's all the MC's
all the unity, kickin it like this
And now we gon' do it somethin like this, Flex c'mon

Now throw your hands in the air, and wave em like you just don't care
And if you wanna rock with Busy Bee, scream it out and say ohh yeah!
Ohh yeah, don't stop y'all, ah don't stop y'all, you're lookin good y'all

Hey this is how we used to do it way back in the days
It was all about the love, youknowhatI'msayin?
So as we keep it on rockin to the next millenium
with the Funkmaster Flex, on Volume III
And this is the Final Chapter
And you got me the chief rocker Busy Bee
Now Flex, what I want you to hit me with some of that old school
REAL old school, breakbeats, stuff like that
so I can kick some of that old school flavor for them youngs
Understand what I'm sayin? Yeah..

Ah so right now y'all, it's time to prepare
for the kid that sets the atmosphere
I'm not Dr. J, or Reggie Jackson
Busy Bee is my name I got all the action
Now y'all heard the rest, and you ready to go
with the baddest in Hi-Fi, stereo
So one for the treble, two for the bass
C'mon Flex and let's rock this place

Yes yes y'all, a to the beat y'all, a freak freak y'all
And don't stop y'all, a the body rock
Don't stop don't stop don't stop

Ba ba ba bah, ba dang a dang a diggy diggy
Ba ba ba bah, ba dang a dang a diggy diggy
Ba ba ba bah, ba dang a dang a diggy diggy
Diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy
I rock New York City all years around
and my name is known, all over the town y'all
The people here love the way I run my game
They can't wait, to see me make the Hall of Fame
Now Busy Bee is my name, and that's a fact
And you can't beat that with a stickball bat
Funkmaster, rock the house
And he's coolin out, turn the party out
Busy Bee Bee rock the house (yeah yeah)
And I'm coolin out, turn the party out
Young ladies rock the house
And we coolin out, turn the party out
Fly guys just rock the house
We coolin out, turn the party out

Ahh man this is too much
Funkmaster Flex I wanna thank y'all
This is the chief rocker Busy Bee signin out
This is too much, I got free franks, free hot dogs, free sodas
free munchies, this is too much I wanna thank y'all for the block party
I felt right at home in here
To all my fat bitches, to all my homeboys out there gettin money
to the next millenium, keep it goin on
Ay Flex, let's do some new stuff now man
I'm, I'm outta here man, thank you man


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Funkmaster Flex Lyrics
Funkmaster Flex The Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter Lyrics

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