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Hey Ma! I'm A Rapper! Lyrics

Artist: Former Fat Boys
Album: Rocky Loves Emily

i'm your little boy
your pride and joy
your Benjaminer Penjaminer
Benny Bobo ba dit and da dat and wa dat and shh
i know that's where i'll always be
back in your memory
and you'll always be in mine
you and dad and GG
and i can't believe just how the time flies
now i hear the circle game and its not just you who cries
cuz i'm 22 now, and my hairs starting to fall out
and i call you about girls now, and i even worry bout
bringing em home to you and how they gon check out
you gonna like them, you gonna kick they ass out
cuz i want you to love who whoever i choose
and i want her to love you too, just like i do
so y'all step one two, raise a glass too
hey ma if ya listenin this one is pour vouez

Hey Ma, Hey Ma, Hey Ma oooh Hey Ma I'm Rapper
Hey Ma Hey Ma oooh Hey Ma I'm A Rapper

i remember your skepticism at oops i'm pregnant again
couldn't believe they sent me a thousand dollar check
sometimes my future scares me
cuz this is what i want
the whole words a stage mom
and i wanna put a show on
i wanna make the world smile
i wanna buy em a Coke
with every song i sing
with every single joke
with every word i wrote
I'm hopin that you know
I know that I'll never forget wherever I go
That I come from the Midwest
That I come from the worlds best
That I was raised to be a gentleman
and never anything less
and i shamelessly confess
needle in my eye cross my chest
I hope when you look back ma that you have no regrets

and i'm sorry for some things i've done
every bad one
every embarrassment
as a parent i know stung
like i was throwing things in your face
all my bad grades, i'd like to erase
other things done, every disgrace
and i'm sorry your mommy wasn't more like mine
cuz for GG and i you were one of a kind
and you excelled without a mentor
thank god you made a new path
and i hope when i hug you it don't feel so sad
cuz your mom and your dad make me mad
cuz i wish that the knew who
they had when they had you to do harm to
and i hope we grow closer and closer
unitl till your old age
i hope you forgive me for some of bad words that i say
i hope you know i'm not throwing my degree away
i'm still never been laid
i hope you know you raised a good man and hey

and one day we'll see, what will be will be
i hope day one day you have a grandson
as handsome, as funny, as cute, as clever, as me


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