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Hodown Lyrics

Artist: Former Fat Boys
Album: Rocky Loves Emily

i'm single and screwed over more than Britney's ex's
looking for the type of girls that like me for my Lexus and nothing else
cuz i'm not in the mood to date
ant worried bout my soul, nah, i'm looking to mate
and i can count the hoes on my finger and toes
and lord knows i'm a ride this ride wherever it goes
so I grab myself a blond then i grab a brunette
and i'm looking for a redhead to complete the set
and we're starting to sweat, i can tell they're getting wet
but theres a club full of ladies I ain't found my Smurfette
rather leave with a Maserati than a simple corvette
fuck a menage, tonight i'm taking home a quintet
so its back to the bar, then back to the floor
gotta find the girl that i'm gonna take home
how to choose though, einie meenie minee mo
everybody get up, get out and fucking grab a ho

like the doctor when he puts the cold thing on ya chest
listen up baby cuz this ain't no test
i ain't here for my mom and i ain't wanna meet yours
i ain't here to pull out chairs and i ain't holding doors
i ain't holding my breath to hear your ring on my phone
the clubs my bank baby and i'm here to take out a loan
take it home, fuck it i'm gonna get blown
paint this town white make sure all my seeds have been sewn
and i'm to kick back and drop some new shit
so you kin step by step like a 90's new kid
dj who did this is what all the hoes gonna ask
and i'm in VIP waiting for the youngest hoes to get let back
you can bet that, i'm in this game to win
drunk like Joe Namath on a 5th of gin
if sluts aren't angels than i'm guilty of sin
thrown down, get up, let the Hodown begin

take a shot of jack then I step towards a blonde
the look in her eyes says she wants to get on
and she's fine, she's already doing magic with my wand
and i know i'm getting some when she tells me she a mom
the eyes are big round and the rack is too
fully equipt thong and lower back tatoo, boo
shaking like fish and i ain't teased with the worm
and i squirm, teachers giving a lesson i'm here to learn
cuz I'm me, I'm a white kid from out in the suburbs
but she's grindin so hard covered in rug burns
and love hurts, but this is free no three words
i'm her's, golden rule of the night is finders cheaters
jeepers creepers, its song after song
getting retardeder than corky on life goes on
and its last call, feeling pressure to go
check the time on my Tag and then I head for the rolys

so its back to my place and she's glad she came
i'm upside down like Spider-man she's wet like mary jane
and its none of that: look but don't touch finger but don't fuck
pussy but no butt, cuz she's a slut
but don't think i'm calling her names
i got respect for a lady not using her brain
a girl who's in touch with touchin herself while i gaze
this shit we're doin make marving gaye aroused in his grave
and i'm sideways slantways, she's backwards frontwards
like bambi's thumper i hump her, over under
and every hodown fuckin ends the same
you get the ho down, that's how it got its name


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