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Think I'm Crazy Lyrics

Artist: Chamillionaire
Album: The Sound of Revenge


i ought to know who you are
but you seem very nice
so will you talk to me
shall i tell u a story
shall i tell you a dream
they think i'm crazy
they don't know our life is near

Verse 1

See, it started off as just a simple conversation I gave her
The name of my record company, she said "You a sanga"
My name's Chamillionaire and I'm a rap entertainer
Oh, you that guy they talkin about when they be whisperin aint ya
Bring ya name up when they talkin and say money will change ya
I heard a lot about how you can't deal witchya anger
Heard the rumors bout how you always in trouble or danger
Not gonna judge you if it's true so there's no need to explain
Cause ya do have a right to be, ya seem like ya nice ta me
I'm bout to order me another drink, here, would you like a seat?(Yea)
I tell the bartender send Hennesey on ice for me
Her drink starts emptyin while she spillin out her life to me
Tellin me about her goasl and how successful she would like to be
Invitin me, into a session of her life and she
Seems so damn innocent, but something isn't right to me
She pulls out a picture phone "I got pics, would you like to see?"
I'm thinkin she gotta be friendly as hell
Givin her soul to me, it's like an identity sale
We never met is the story that my memory tells
Tellin me tales like she doesn't handle Hennesey well
Gettin into it, gettin intimate, and into detail
See I just met ya and ya showin me ya kids
Who said I had any kids? I didn't bring up no kids
Then who is in this picture?
Man, lemme show you just who it is


i ought to know who you are
but you seem very nice
so will you talk to me
shall i tell u a story
shall i tell you a dream
they think i'm crazy
they don't know our life is near

Verse 2

Um, I don't remember her name, but she looked like a angel
Knew she wasn't from here, I knew that she didn't hanga
Round the same part of the hood, but hey the story gets stranga
Cause this stranger was stranger than I could explain ya
See, said she wasn't married, but the ring on her finger
Told me that she was lyin and just usin the same ah
Game I use on women so I couldn't even blame her
Spittin the game I spit to em when I'm tryin to bang a
I walked into this guy and he told me he used to know you
He told me about the loyalty and the love he used to show you
He said what he said with a passion like it was so true
And took advantage of the fact that the listeners really didn't know you
His picture's in my pocket book, almost got it, I'll show you
Sheee digs in her purse and while she fumbles around
To find that photo I'm like oh no, there's some trouble in town
We turn around and see two officers comin in now
They walk in real suspicious and come and sit down
So close I could see they barrels of they guns to the ground
So close that they could listen to either one of us now (shhhh)
We turn back around and then she says "No need for whisperin"
Then she tells me "I don't really give a damn who's listenin"
Tried to make it last a long time was my mission
And he kept on trippin and then I got pissed at him
Hit him with my fist and them punches were never missin him


i ought to know who you are
but you seem very nice
so will you talk to me
shall i tell u a story
shall i tell you a dream
they think i'm crazy
they don't know our life is near

Verse 3

Okay, let's get this straight
Your man cheated on you and now
You're talkin to a perfect stranger like it's makin ya proud
And the rest of this conversation she's just tellin me how
Wasn't her boyfriend in the pic, but a familiar smile
She said pictures can be decieving like she knew he was foul
Look closely and you'll see a coward who uses his smile as power
Gleamin smoke screen, couldn't stand it another hour
So she did what she did then she went to go take a shower
What're you sayin? What do you mean?
I couldn't tell you that I'm missin him
I don't understand what you're sayin
How'd you get rid of him?
She dissin him as I ask her what it is she did to him
She stops and I say "Eh, keep talkin I'm listenin"
I don't wanna tell about the images I'm picturin
Henny spillin and she tell me for real
That the feelin that I was feelin
Was that I wanted to kill him
Somethin is wrong here
And I know just who's the villian
Her voice was gettin louder, the moral is gettin clearer
The officers lookin at us, and I can tell they can hear her
Told me it was protection, reached for it in the stash
The plastic is what she grabbed and she put right on his ass
Busted before the blast, she thought she was free at last
"Baby I think you crazy
I'm sorry, I'm pressin
for time. I gotta go grind,
times been interestin"
Now I sweatin, I'm stressin, this girl got me guessin
That this conversation is some type of evil confession
She pulls a clearer picture it's my damn best ex-friend
"How you know him?"
She told me that she was wit em at his house watchin movies
Sundays is when they be chillin
And that's exactly the day that the hospital came to get him
The feelin was the worse feelin she possibly could be feelin
Stood up, and then I yelled out "Why the hell did you kill him?"
I didn't kill him I have AIDS
She had sex with em
And that's crazy
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