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Into The Storm Lyrics

Artist: Blind Guardian
Album: Nightfall In Middle-Earth

Give it to me
I must have it
Precious treasure
I deserve it

Where can I run
How can I hide
The Silmarils
Gems of treelight
Their life belongs to me
Oh it's sweet how the
Darkness is floating around

We are following
The will of the one
Through the dark age
And into the storm
And we are following
The will of the one
Through the dark age
And into the storm
Lord I'm mean

Blackheart show me
What you hold in your hand
I still hunger for more
Release me
From my pain
Give it to me
How I need it
How I need it
How I need it



I did my part
Now it's your turn
And remember
What you've promised


by anonimo on 7/16/2008 9:32pm
by ld on 8/1/2008 3:31pm
by La Jika on 10/29/2008 3:30pm
Lo maximo ese tema!
by 2012 on 12/28/2008 2:11pm
stvarno dobra pesma
by Froggy_ Rock on 3/5/2009 10:49pm
Calidad, un tema excelso.
by HANSI KURSCH FAN on 3/12/2009 7:15pm
by anonim on 7/21/2009 3:30pm
I can feel power of the noldors and the dark age in that song!
by Gaard on 11/4/2009 9:02pm
To listen to blind guardian while reading the books... just makes it waaaaay more epic than they already are... ♥ Tolkien ♥Blind Guardian♥
by Adriano on 3/5/2010 1:51pm
best =D
by Noob pwner on 3/12/2010 4:17am
Noobs, the song talks about Melkor and Ungoliant, and not bout the Noldors! The bridge is Melkor and Ungoliant and the chorus is of the Balrogs coming to Melkor, as they heard their masters call...
by lev on 5/8/2010 5:16am
noob pwner rules
by Darknessdrgn on 7/22/2010 12:52pm
blind guardian you guys are the best band ever!! WHOOT!!
by Dana on 10/5/2010 11:18am
amazing ..luv this song so much
by Darkness on 3/1/2011 9:36pm
You guys got the album wrong. It's off Nightfall In Middle Earth, not ANATO
by jjness on 7/30/2013 9:11pm
The chorus is probably the Noldor following Feanor in pursuit of the Silmarils. The balrogs don't come until after the Lammoth, which is the next track on the album, in which Ungoliant attacks Morgoth and Morgoth's scream draws his legion of balrogs to his defense.

Blind Guardian Lyrics
Blind Guardian Nightfall In Middle-Earth Lyrics

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