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Uproar Lyrics

Artist: Blazin Squad

Artist : Blazin' Squad
Title : Uproar

Everywhere we go uproar
Wen u see us in the club on tour uproar
We get we spit we go uproar
We're runnin up the zones..uproar

R to the B in the pourin rain
Eyes blood shot + clothes blood stained
Edge draws near but i dont complain
M-I-C thats my domain
Bun mcs like prok chow main
Watch them fry sippin on champagne
Star of lyrica must maintain
Baman lyrics flow thru my veins

Yo cha cant make that my stata
Im a lyrical 2 die, my name iz sniper
Gonna spit on the rhytm like a drak warior
Leadin the way im a navigator like uproar
Whos that man sniper?
With the TN preps and the schott jumpa
White viser,the coppa red top
With the deep blue avis + the sea light va

Stop coz my flow is too slow
Any flows a beating + bringin the tempos
As a beepin + the greatin the heating the next,Hoes
Yo coz we can beat control
Listen coz its the way that we play keepin bitches at bay
Wats my name at the end ov the day
Yo F-L-A-V-A
You wanna lace the track
You wanna place


You wanna rap like me
Chat like me
Sound like me
Ride M-I-C like me
H double O D
When my low batty
K (live 2day) N Z I E

U wanna test me
Vex me
Come try step to we
Too dangerous
Too high za dust
To the rhythm and a blaze
Kenzie but the sounds of the darkest drakest mc

Mcs wen i step to this
Step to that step 2 that
Whos that baman wiv the lyrical chat
That me R double E PA
Showin u the way 2 the day
Wen u gonna make the money
Gonna get the pay
Blazin squad we neva fade away
In the time and the place
Blazin up a uproar in your face
Turnin up the bass neva goina solve the case

So everything we do is uproar (uproar)
And everywhere we go is hardcore (hardcore)
So dont test me on the m-i-c
Coz u kno we gonna do it more
Hear that what what what whats that?
Thats phat check check check that
Tommy b upon the slip
Slip that check that
Thats phat way back

Selecta [girl chatting on the phone]


Ive told You that you werent ready
But you never believed
That a 10 man klik could whip these typa choons
To the table can you test these flows?


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