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Army Of Me Lyrics

Artist: Bjork
Album: Post

Stand up
You've got to manage
I won't sympathize

And if you complain once more
You'lll meet an army of me

You're alright
There's nothing wrong
Self sufficience please!
And get to work

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

You're on your own now
We won't save you
Your rescue squad
Is too eshausted

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me


by ana on 5/26/2008 7:18pm
muy bueno
by you on 5/27/2008 7:46pm
Self sufficience please!
by Random Jew on 6/25/2008 12:13pm
Good Stuff....
by ale on 8/5/2008 10:03am
by angel on 8/19/2008 3:34pm
by Seco Teskat on 8/30/2008 6:40am
Dam good song ;)
by Mickey on 8/31/2008 12:20am
Bjork it da best!
Because i Say It!
by Luckyluke on 9/16/2008 8:55pm
Et si vous vous plaignez, une fois de plus
Vous y rencontrerez une arme de moi
by Uchiha Tetsuken on 9/17/2008 10:40pm
great song. weird video, tho...
by eleftheria on 10/16/2008 7:02pm
you 're on your own...(now?!)
by Kira yagama on 10/18/2008 1:19am
when bjork sings i couldnt even hear what she was saying THX FOR THE LYRICS THOUGH
by fidan on 11/30/2008 1:56pm
by milk on 12/9/2008 12:28pm
la raja bjork
by B-Rad J. on 12/16/2008 7:37am
Excellent. Love the Helmet version best.
by vasso.greece on 12/22/2008 5:26pm
i love this song but i can t understand the all meaning of this...
by Bjrk. on 12/24/2008 8:18am
Hi, this is one of my best songs! Hope you like it.
by Rach on 2/3/2009 6:57pm
this is the song I sing to my stubborn six year old!
by Mon on 4/26/2009 9:33am
i love this song but the video is soo weird.. i dont get it
by Fran on 5/4/2009 6:26pm
I love this song and you should make a song simmiler to it
by Paquita on 6/8/2009 1:04pm
This song means that you are your own strength and only you can help yourself so don't be a baby about it, do what you have to do. When the going gets tough the tough gets goin. It also means that others around you need to shape up and shut up.
by ame on 7/6/2009 3:11pm
excelente =).................ufff
by missvampirekitty on 7/17/2009 12:57am
meow kick ass song meow:)♫
by Playing Dead on 10/15/2009 11:57am
songs with point, isnt that so Bjork ^^
by mario on 11/6/2009 4:47pm
by george on 11/29/2009 7:02am
crap song for a crap singer
by JellyBeans on 12/16/2009 7:21pm
Fuck off, George.
You have no taste.
by strazdi on 1/2/2010 11:31pm
George, why were u even looking at the lyrics if u think she is a "crap" singer??? Dumb fuck
by yep on 1/9/2010 9:38pm
JellyBeans and strazdi just got troll'd
by WaxOnWaxOff on 3/29/2010 9:04pm
Your rescue squad is yo Exhausted!
by Hipno on 4/5/2010 4:24am
i was a little kid when Bjork relesed Human Behaviour and since then listening to her songs and i must say this one is awesome.
by Dani on 5/20/2010 12:59pm
I love this song! It's got such a great message! Some people just take and take and take, and it gets to a point where that is not at all viable any more! Tbh it shouldn't even be allowed to get to that point, but for when it does, this is the anthem for it!

I think this should be the theme tune for Britain at the moment.
by Brenda on 5/21/2010 10:32am
Love the music to this song!
by Janet on 5/25/2010 6:32pm
I saw her back in 1996, she is amazing live.
by lenny on 6/22/2010 12:24am
I always kinda figured Bjork wrote this as an anthem for exasperated mothers. My sister (mother of 2) loves it.
by Elliander on 10/16/2010 8:43pm
bring in the clones :P
by gandiel on 12/24/2010 12:42am
i love bjork and i will marry her
by justagirl on 3/26/2011 3:35pm
Wow, EatShit, you really should just go and eat shit
by Geri on 3/27/2011 2:42am
gud one
by doll on 3/29/2011 12:12am
this song kicks ass
especially in sucker punch
fucking love it
by babydoll on 3/30/2011 11:21am
thanks for the lyrics!that is so not what i thot she was saying lol
by Sally on 3/30/2011 4:58pm
I love this! An anthem for people with a stiff upper lip! Man up, cry baby, or you will face an army of me! LOVE!
by Christina on 3/31/2011 7:16am
Once you pay attention to the lyrics, the meaning is so clear and it fits perfectly Sucker Punch message.
by Bjrk on 4/4/2011 4:56pm
Most of you probably think that I wouldn't even bother going in here and commenting on peoples remarks, yet I felt compelled, after reading all of them, to tell what the song was supposed to mean when I made it. Most of you got it right; it basically says that people have to find their own way in the world, not depending on anyone or anything. I agree, it does fit perfectly with Babydoll, since she is in the exact situation where she mustn't trust anyone and find her own way out of that place. I'm also very grateful for the producers who choose my song for Suckerpunch, so that many more people know my music. Please also see my other songs; though I consider this one of my best songs, it is not my only one.
by chunkymunky on 4/6/2011 1:24pm
Bjork if that really is you I love you.
by mutantbroccoli on 4/7/2011 3:20am
Hey Bjork, if that really is you, I just wanted to say I've been listening to your songs for almost 2 weeks now and I never get tired of them. You're awesome! This song of yours is my favorite in Sucker Punch's soundtrack.
by Bjrk2 on 4/14/2011 1:59pm
lol idiots im bjrk wtf -.-
by gicci smallfish on 5/6/2011 5:01pm
Ova stvar razbija i makse an army of me!!!
by DigitalAbe on 5/18/2011 2:08am
Will the real Bjork please stand up?
by Buhhhrito on 5/28/2011 11:00am
This song plays on the radio at work...I want to shoot it in the musical head. The way she "sings" is the the most painful part. It's pretty much equal to me with pulling teeth.

Also, that clearly wasn't Bjork. I doubt she has enough time to waste going on random lyric websites.
by tru on 5/31/2011 12:42pm
i love this
by yASH on 6/8/2011 8:32am
i really luv it ..... itz just awesome
by rajab on 6/30/2011 7:39am
by Benny B on 7/5/2011 1:26pm
Thumbs up for Bjrk, kick ass movie
Greetins from Belgium
by Ryujin Jakka on 7/16/2011 11:20am
Inspirational!! Just the name of the song resonates with my energy.
by stvarno bjork on 7/22/2011 1:24pm
ma ja sam samo se foliram koji vam je kurac bre..
by on 7/23/2011 11:35am
I seriously want to cry when I hear this song. Magnificent!
by claydog on 7/25/2011 11:13pm
excellent song. Not what i thought she was saying at all but great. Bjork is awesome!
by Nurul on 7/31/2011 12:01am
Very songs and effects are also good
by Nurul on 7/31/2011 12:01am
Very good songs and effects are also good
by cyclone1164 on 8/17/2011 10:47pm
I love this song!
by Katalyst on 8/20/2011 5:17am
Don't know about the lyrics but I'm def hooked on the beat
by Cas on 8/29/2011 3:41am
Thnx for Lyrics

@B-Rad: Helmet version: +1 for bass -20 for vocals
by Lucy on 9/30/2011 12:44am
I love this song and the movie sucker punch!!!!
by alley cat on 10/12/2011 9:02pm
this is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I feel like the world is fucking with me. Great Mood Elevator!
by jenn on 10/17/2011 12:06pm
its super good and cool
by push on 10/28/2011 9:31am
thanks. i love it..
by euphorion on 11/23/2011 5:42pm
this song means that she needs to get fucked hardly, I think.
by никола on 12/16/2011 11:32am
супер је песма
by comert on 1/3/2012 7:27pm
good song! bjrk you are cool, but i think white rabbit is the best one from the soundtrack from sucker punch. lol feed your head!
by Johnny B on 1/15/2012 5:14pm
To EatShit: Perhaps you aren't fully understanding the message..? This song was written about her brother, who needed a bit of tough love to get his life on the right track. She is basically saying, "look, you need to be able to stand on your own. Stop whining and grow up." Nowhere does it mention that it's in reference to "the wounded".....
by hugh on 1/27/2012 2:33pm
damn, I needed this song like a motherfucker.
by KeepItClassic on 1/28/2012 9:19am
Dose anyone remember this song on Tank Girl (1995)? If so your my kinda people. All-N-all Bjork is pretty awesome but this is only 1 of many of her badass tunes.
by ammar on 2/12/2012 9:58pm
This is such a beautiful song, so powerful. When she says "you got to manage" wow she means it :) And yeah its all about YOU. You gotta a manage and believe in YOU. I love it....I hang on to every single word. Simple yet so moving .... Live long and prosper
by Vodka on 3/15/2012 8:17pm
Whenever my will-power needs a wake-up call, I listen to this song.

Gives my mind amazing clarity!
by acasaliah on 5/3/2012 2:43pm
Song is awesome!!!! I sing this song to my friends that nag for help when they know they can do it themselves!!!
by fighter on 5/31/2012 5:05pm
by JetGirl on 7/18/2012 7:53am
To KeepItClassic: Tank Girl is the best movie ever! every time i hear this song i cant help but think of tank girl. and now suckerpunch. great song by a great woman.
by 73 Psycho on 8/31/2012 12:18am
Bjrk fuckin rocks!
Bottom fuckin line!
by N-Valen on 10/8/2012 11:07pm
LOVE SUCKER PUNCH!! Luv this dong <3
by Gusoline on 5/9/2013 1:48am
The Helmet cover is better. Nice lyrics.
by axyos on 1/11/2014 4:14am
all kinds of music from the pice(inclusif simphonic parts) are well done byork
by 420killa on 2/12/2014 6:26am
Yo Yo, Dis tune is da Bomb, yo!

Bjork rocks it yet again, baby! This reminds me of when I was in the army, this song and Work by Ciara.

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