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Enjoy Lyrics

Artist: Bjork
Album: Post

I wish: I want to stay here
I wish: This be enough
I wish: I only love you
I wish: Simplicity

Look at the speed out there
It magnetizes me to it
And I have no fear
I'm only into this to


I wish I'd only look
And didn't have to touch
I wish I'd only smell this
And didn't have to taste

How can I ignore?
This is sex without touching
I'm going to explore
I'm only into this to



by Matthieu on 3/23/2010 11:55am
In my opinion, "Enjoy" deals with the character's obsession with the Absolute, which we all possess to a certain extent.

Happiness, Love, Fear or anything else has no actual meaning to her, because at the back of her head she's thinking : "This is pretty intense but what if i stopped here and missed out on something even greater?"

That thought obsesses her, to the point that she is never satisfied, she can never enjoy life. For instance, however far she pushes the hedonism, it's never enough. Said otherwise, she "can't get no satisfaction".

She is conscious of this and wishes she could just be content with life as it comes instead of being so extremely passionate (in "passion"'s original meaning, that is, a feeling so uncontrollable and extreme, that it ends up making you suffer) and therefore self destructive.

I think she wishes she could just enjoy and not feel this want all the time.
by Dana on 7/13/2010 3:00pm
Matthieu i like your interpretation..i think you nailed it :)
by Blifaloo on 11/27/2011 4:40am
I agree with you to some degree, Matthieu. (I like the spelling of your name)

Except, most of her lyrics from this album are also "relationship-ish" songs. So, to some degree -- this song must also have a more personal, interpersonal-relationship related metaphorical poetry, as well. :)
by Rolf on 6/25/2012 1:27am
The last line of the song tells me
that this is about a one night stand.
Just to enjoy the moment for the fun of it.
no strings attached :)

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