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Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-01-16 Lyrics

Artist: Wrestling Lyrics
Album: World Wrestling Entertainment

Since when did the meadowlands become a place for Mexicans?
Go back to Home Depot become one of their hired hands
I got plans to take away your gold waist bands
Your face is sorry like New York Giants fans
My alliance spans mad untouchable clique
Livin' la vida loca but my name ain't Rick
Martin and I'll keep you starvin' like concentration camps
Go back to freeways selling oranges on off-ramps
The new champs untouchable like Elliot Ness
Put a hole in your chest
Eddie and Chavo ya'll are worn out like Mark Bavaro
I used to love Lucy and hated Ricky Ricardo
I got your number kid
so whatcha gonna do
the rap is over give it to B2
B2: Booya!
Some of us got to die so others can save their lives
You heard it before, only the strong survive
Untouchables be running this terrain
Tonight we took the weak link out of the chain
So the man of many names who wants his five seconds of fame
Long enough for me to run Redd Dog up in the game
Change your brain now we makin' the laws
My dogg's got paws, and his claws are bigger than yours
Hold your applause dude, I don't like how that sounds
JC is pound for pound, the baddest dog around
You can't keep a good dog down that's what they say
Every dog has its day, my dog's day is today
Run away I got to bark and he bites
Step to us you get ate like scooby snacks


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