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When The Children Cry Lyrics

Artist: White Lion

Little child dry your crying eyes
How can I explain the fear you feel inside
Cause you were born into this evil world
Where man is killing man and no one knows just why
What have we become just look what we have done
All that we destroyed you must build again

When the children cry let them know we tried
Cause when the children sing then the new world begins

Little child you must show the way
To a better day for all the young
Cause you were born for all the world to see
That we all can live with love and peace
No more presidents and all the wars will end
One united world under God


What have we become just look what we have done
All that we destroyed you must build again
No more presidents and all the wars will end
One united world under God

When the children cry let them know we tried
When the children fight let them know it ain't right
When the children pray let them know the way
Cause when the children sing then the new world begins


by gzm// on 6/14/2008 4:47am
her dinlediimde alip götüren şarkı..
mükemmel bi ses..
by qqche on 6/25/2008 10:43am
tek klimeyle mkmml
by whisper on 9/21/2008 9:10am
10 parça yap deseler bu parçayı kesin koyarım :(
by Marvin on 12/1/2008 8:27pm
Excelent song for my city in this moment 11/08 Chihuahua, Mexico
by julio on 12/10/2008 10:18am
Buena cancion me gusto
god song i like
by zeki on 12/15/2008 4:39pm
hiroshima ve nagazaki'ye amerikali katillerinin attigi bombalarda olen, yaralanan, kanser dogan cocuklara ithafen yazilmis bir sarkidir. unutmayalim
by mrt on 3/20/2009 7:49am
barış ve sevgi üzerine kurulacak dünya devletinin milli marşı olmalı bu şarkı :)
by Wildhorse on 4/2/2009 1:19am
Solosu Alır Götürür Beni...
by mrc on 4/21/2009 6:16am
her ne kadar istesemde gerceklesmesinin imkansz oldgunu bildgim bi durum
one united world with love and peace under god
cuz we were born in this evil world!!
cok mükemmel bi şarkı
by tim on 5/11/2009 6:20am
beautiful song..peace no war
by oooooooh!! on 5/15/2009 7:32pm
OMG thiis song was beautiiifuul, I cry the first time y hear it!=(
CONGRATULATIONS to the man or woman that write this song!!=)
by Rocker Chic on 6/22/2009 8:32pm
I Love this song it is such a beautiful power ballad! Mike Tramp has such beautiful hair!! It only has a little electric guitar in it, it's mostly acoustic.
by Martian on 7/10/2009 5:48am
Beautiful. I'm going to sing it to my baby niece :-)
by BEN on 7/17/2009 3:30pm
one of the best revolutionary song that I heard. I love it so much and I always sing anywhere.
From Lima Perú, Ben.
by bir garip arayış!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 9/15/2009 3:53am
ölürüm müslüm babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ::D

bu şarkıyı 4 yıl aradım 4 yıl....
by bench on 11/20/2009 11:42pm
i'm a seminarian at st. joseph, and i like very much the song...
by Davyd on 11/21/2009 8:27am
Truly an amazing song, something that everyone should think about
by Sami on 11/25/2009 3:50am
Süper bir şarkı ..
by spanish girl on 1/3/2010 10:23am
it's beautiful, i like it
by D: on 1/9/2010 8:21am
this song makes me cry D: so beautiful
by Joss... on 1/14/2010 3:29pm
i know that song on acustic guitar :D is not so dificult...xD
by partono on 2/17/2010 1:21pm
yo yo becik becik...lagune kang
by Italiabelle420 on 5/3/2010 10:38pm
The first time I hear this song I was a little kid. Me and my dad were in the car and he pit the tape in. Even tho I was little I thought it was so beautiful and in that moment I felt nothing but the song. Everytime I hear it I go back to that day and it reminds me of my dad. It's something we share in my head. (I didnt tell him how I felt) I would always ask him to play it. This song gives me hope for the world. And yes this song does make me cry.
by emrul 4m bangladesh on 6/26/2010 1:07pm
love it ...!!
yes ,,build again little childs !!!
by Amber Chain on 8/24/2010 2:52pm
your music is cool like the way it sounds keep it up do you have a cd that just came out or or are they going to release it
by william on 10/4/2010 5:58am
wow cool so good, you really a sogo...go go go white lion
by Fuat Arslan on 10/30/2010 5:55am
Bu sarki beni 16 yil geriye universite yillarima goturuyor. OMU 'de sozlerini anlamasam da kasetini (CD satinalmak bir ogrenci icin cok pahali sayilirdi) almak icin yanip tutustugum sarki..
by jarwo on 1/3/2011 2:40am
iki lagu uenak tenan ee, ora bosan2 aku ngedengernya.
by cop all on 1/6/2011 12:16pm
wuiiih ampuh
kalimate sepuh
by hamica on 1/24/2011 1:56am
your band is so cool like the song when the children cry i love it so white lion go go go.........
by trey on 6/3/2011 9:01pm
pancen lagu gandam......
enak bos,,,,
by steve on 8/12/2011 12:28am
still luv it
by me again on 8/12/2011 11:13am
Stop making the children cry!
by alexander on 8/29/2011 7:43am
i like this song again cuz when i played in my guitar it so verry sad song i know this song was didicated to a mna ho lift his littel children so he makes a lyrics and he sing this song a when the childrins cry so many filipino loves this song thank you for this song i know how to play this song
by peminat kecil on 9/20/2011 7:31am
pertama kali saya mendengar lagu ini pada tahun 1991, waktu itu saya masih berumur 7tahun... tapi saya dapat rasakan lagu ini begitu indah bunyinya... sehingga sekarang saya berumur 27tahun... saya dapat merasakan aura nya sehingga sekarang... white lion power!!!! lagu yang amat syahdu muziknya.... sayu je bila dengar..
by Vellyn on 12/12/2011 10:24pm
I very love this's very,,,very,,,very nice...
by Jho m. on 6/21/2012 3:41am
first tym i hear this song, i really appreciate the context and the meaning of it... i really love this song.. it makes me realize the importance of children around this earth...even me, it seems that this is the fact about in this world- there's some changes that we need to remind of the past.
by ajie on 9/2/2012 4:54am
sumpah nie lagu adem banget...thx's white lion
by wong cherbond on 10/13/2012 3:59pm
isun seneng karo lagu'ne white lion,,apa mning kang judule when the children cry,wiiistimewa mantaaap.

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