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Get Her in Tha Mood Lyrics

Artist: Twista
Album: Adrenaline Rush

[Music Intro]

[Verse 1]
Since I'm blown let me flex this
if its somethin on ya mind recline and check this
so smooth not reckless
we can get high and ride from Chi to Texas
Give the game up since I came up put my name up
check out the rhythm
make the mob wanna flame up
struck a match or a lighta(lighter)
and listen to a young rida(rider)
On the side of Pimp double tril
make you lighter than a feather in yo DOB hat
Bitch now listen can you solve that
I can tell you were the mob at
at the click cuttin' somethin were the broads at
Thinkin naw playa
smokin weed till its all out
we can fall back
shootin dice fo small scrap
Dre 4 watcha call that
Pull out my Georgia bows
And those that froze got caught by the po-pos
Headed for the 4 do(door) Bonneville
flossin off behind the wheel
theres a pill
took a chill
but I still had to pause
and if I pause
its because I______

Can you smoke it riiight
with a playa like me and you
(oh baby)
Can you smoke it riiight with a playa like me and you

[Verse 2]
See I'm
laid back in my lex pumpin' game at two rats
and I rolled like two sacks
ever since you were my homie
came up
in the same truck
full of drunk hunnies holla who that
laid back its a couple of hoes
tryin' ta see were my head was at
want some problems shit
lets get busy wit the party shit
were the blunts and Biccardi shit
But the way she was dressed
you might as well have nothin' on ya body bitch
Infrared on my side cause you know how hot it get
messin with the proper cheese
to put what looks good on a proper chick
but really dont want the men and the fans to pimp block
Sposta(supposed to) last til these pimps cash them CCs
Heavy Gs 96
strippin clips bout(about) nationally
Back seats and DOB hats
havin' sex in drop tops
now liquor on ya mouth and spot

Can you smoke it riiight
with a playa like me and you
(oh baby)
Can you smoke it riiight with a playa like me and you

[Music Break]

[Verse 3]
I make my money on the DL
close shop on the Pontiac Re-bell(rebail)
to the mall to ball
we all apart
cause a brother gone floss in front of these females
To the retail
5 double 0 Periet
double 0 d suits
just to go with the boots
and I scoop
up tha loot
pay the cash
and dash past a lad while I'm in pursuit
put my foot in motion
exits(exit) the sto(store)
wit my brand new gear
spittin game in her ear
tell em if they please me Im theirs
tell her meet me here
Get a Digital camera
Girly had to rough em up
But Ima handle her
like a man
Ima stand
if I fall
and when I fall
then the serum gotta make the call
(This part goes really fast)
let them all by the miniature clothes
I suppose I can dress
to impress these hoes
Gator shoes
fresh gashed from head to toe
Only wearin in the do(door)
what thew playas know
Flossed out when they see me
Niggas wanna be me
Never woulda pimped free
Pimp costs
And I get lost on the slide
to the air
gettin' high while we ride

[Music Break]

Can you smoke it riiight
with a playa like me and you
(oh baby)
Can you smoke it riiight with a playa like me and you

(2x)Can you smoke it right
In the back seat of my car
Choppin up this pa-per(paper)
wit my homies do-or-die
1st time:(oh yeah)
2nd time:(check it out)

Can you ride ride ride ride ride ride
Come on gir ride ride ride ride
Wontcha(Wont you) ride ride ride ride ride ride
Come on girl ride ride ride ride


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