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The Jefferson's Lyrics

Artist: TV Theme Songs
Album: TV Theme Songs

Well we're movin on up, To the east side.
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Movin on up
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie.
Fish don't fry in the kitchen;
Beans don't burn on the grill.
Took a whole lotta tryin'
Just to get up that hill.
Now we're up in teh big leagues
Gettin' our turn at bat.
As long as we live, it's you and me baby
There ain't nothin wrong with that.
Well we're movin on up,
To the east side.
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Movin on up
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie.


by Lisa on 5/27/2008 9:23am
when i listen to the lyrics on the tv show i do not here the word THERE when they say its you and me baby (there) aint nothing wrong with that so does it belong or not in the lyrics?
by yahye on 4/2/2013 5:34pm

by synea on 5/11/2013 7:51am
I thougt the lyrics were:
We'er moving on up to the top
To the deluxe apartments in the sky...
by Burke Minns on 9/27/2013 11:38pm
I could never really make it this thanks
by Jessica on 11/13/2015 5:32pm
I love that show! It's funny af🙌🙌
by Smith on 4/9/2016 5:44pm
I remember I t is as synea says. As I remember it, 'to the east side' was a little background harmonics to the real line, which was 'to the top'.
by Pete on 5/21/2016 11:54am
I could never understand the line "Gettin' our turn at bat." until I read it here!
by Paul on 12/29/2016 5:07pm
u have to really listen to it it's there almost like all in the family in the end they say gee our old lasalle ran great those were the days
by Pinkluv on 1/3/2017 1:50pm
I love this song it so inspirational........beautiful
by Donna on 2/27/2017 7:21pm
So great to view a wealthy Afro American family in times when the Caucasian would have been the upper class
by Fred on 4/2/2017 4:13am
When the sang "took a whole gotta trying'"
It sounds like "took a lot a terahin "
by Rainee on 4/8/2017 12:36am
As a kid, I always thought the line "As long as we live, it's you and me baby" was "Those sweet lips are chewin' me baby."
I could never understand why they would say that!
by E. Daze on 4/19/2017 12:27pm
It's so crazy the things we hear and then see the lyrics and have an epiphany. lol!
In the immortal words of George Jefferson.... "Weeezay!!"
by Epicron on 5/20/2017 7:06pm
I always correctly understood the line, "beans don't burn on the grill", but I never understood what it means. Who cooks beans on a grill!?
by Fred Sanford on 6/3/2017 12:21am
There is definitely there so there.
by Terri on 6/23/2017 4:05pm
Leave it to a black singer to screw words up to songs. Why can't they sing like normal people? Lmmfaooooo!
by jack the clucker on 7/4/2017 9:50pm
you can go to YouTube and see Hitler sings The Jeffersons Movin On Up and the east side that they're moving up to is Poland.
by Harley Harkness on 7/31/2017 1:48pm
This song is the bomb baby! R.I.P. George
by Kieys J. on 8/12/2017 12:42pm
I've loved the Jefferson's ever since I was a young kid at age 5 I can remember my father coming home from work and turning the set just to watch George and Florence go back and fourth!" THE GOOD OLE DAY'S!
by Emmel Townes on 11/5/2017 5:15pm
been singing this my whole life mumbling the " gettin our turn at bat" part. thanks for solving that for me😄and YES...THERE is definately there...sounds like ""they"" aint nothing wrong with that"
by ameenah on 12/10/2017 3:56pm
I never understood why it say fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill....
by Dnice on 12/25/2017 10:39pm
Crazy they should of said: Beans dont burn in the kitchen fish dont fry on the grill it still would of went
by Who's On First on 1/17/2018 10:37am
It was, "took a whole lot of, 'do-I-say.'" The expression is elided, from, "do-what-I-say." (Maybe it's also to the exclusion of, "what-I-do.") In the, "big-leage," there is no, "tryin';" only do, or not-do, no try. --Yoda
by Marm on 1/24/2018 3:09pm
Regardless of what each of us understood
there's a "Poetic License" that allows an artist to do everything she did in this song.

Po·et·ic Li·cense
the freedom to depart from the facts of a matter or from the conventional rules of language when speaking or writing in order to create an effect.
"he used a little poetic license to embroider a good tale"
by Susie Q on 1/29/2018 8:05pm
This would be a great song to play while showing a slide show of Barack and Michele Obama’s new house in Washington DC!
by Antonia on 5/29/2018 7:13am
to this day I watch the jefferson and I love the cast so much every time I watch them I sing it and I fell in love with the song and I love it when george calls tom a honky
by Beezer on 8/22/2018 3:56pm
If I ever win the lottery, I’m gonna strut like George to accept the check, and have this song playing on a loop for at least a week!
by Proud White American on 10/19/2018 12:18pm
Ya know, I watched this show and I liked it. But when it comes right down to it. It's racist. Just look at the way they portrayed every white character. Tom is a moron. Bentley is a weirdo. George can call all white people honkey but if you make any sort of derrogitory comment about a black person you are a racist. Double standard.
by boobies on 11/19/2018 5:08am
this song keeps playing in my head!
by Diney on 2/1/2019 8:34am
From "All in the Family" to "The Jeffersons" to "Different Strokes" ... T.V. was putting it's toe in the water ... portraying our divisions and unity regarding racism in a way that would spark awareness and coversation ... hopefully conversion.
by StrokerAce on 5/22/2019 6:07pm
Watching the 2019 Live remake of "All amd the Family with Woody Harrelson as Archie and the Live remake of the Jefferson's with Jamie Fox as George Jefferson.. Brings back so many great memories as a kid.. Love it..
by Jongee on 6/13/2019 6:26am
So much respect for all of those actors. They were putting on a show for us...and we believed them...absolutely incredible. Redd Foxx was another great...
by Lonnie on 11/23/2019 9:12am
Iss this copywrite material.

TV Theme Songs Lyrics
TV Theme Songs TV Theme Songs Lyrics

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