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Macking And Pimping (featuring Kenoe) Lyrics

Artist: Turk
Album: Raw & Uncut

[Turk talking]
Uh uh
Look bitch better have my money (Better have my money)
Uh uh
Uh uh (Uh uh)
Bitch (Bitch better have...)
That bitch better have my money
Mackin' n pimpin' these hoes

I make a bitch call me daddy like I made that bitch
Dressed up keep her healthy tell her crazy shit
Like I'ma take her to the movies, fuckin' where I meant to
Makin' a bitch confused that's what I'm in to
Five minutes all it take, I can brake any race
Black, white, Hispanic it don't matter to me
Cause nigga pimpin' ain't dead, nigga just scared
Lovin' these hoes and steady gettin' paid
Fall weak for a bitch, never did never will
Beat a hoe like Ike nigga that's on the real
Tryna go under, and I find out
Strip her naked put her in a tub of ice in my house
Get a python snake scare the bitch half to death
I bet, I don't have problems after that
Keep my hoes in line, look never disrespect
All they do is make money and bring it back to me

[Kenoe: Chorus x 2]
First I mack the bitch, get her on my team
Make her fall in love fill her head up with dreams
Then I pimp the bitch have her makin' green
All day and night bring it back home to me

[Kenoe (Turk)]
Pimpin' ain't easy that's why we dog these hoes
Might over macks we don't love these hoes
Rule number one, never ever trust a bitch
Cause a hoe will getcha fucked up and leave ya dick sick
Puerto Rican, Dominican all kinds of bitches
Like to suck on they titties put my dick in they kittens
But I'll bat a bitch up if she cross me
Like that hoe named Ashley made her suck me
Bitch please, you try to keep my car
I putcha truck on ?? punch a girl in the jaw
Like Turk said (Bitch you must not know my background)
Night rider, Skinny Pimp n reppin' that Oaktown
Got a ?? in every city and I fly for free
Gettin' brain on the plane gettin' high with me
My uncle Snoop Dogg told me to maintain my G
Fuck a captain save-a-hoe
I make the hoe save me

[Kenoe: Chorus x 2]

Kenoe, look..
Nigga pimpin' aint easy but somebody gotta do it
Put these hoes to work, make them think it's all good
Gotta let a bitch know where the fuck she stand
Which one wear the skirt and which one wear the pants
I tell a bitch go get money
She bringin' it back
When I program the bitch
Have her bringin' me stacks
All business no pleasure
Cash, no checks
??... just don't play with me

You can tell I'm a mack by the way that I talk
You can tell I'm a G by the way that I walk
You can tell I'm super fly by the way that I dress
Ya own momma wanna fuck talkin' bout I'm a mess
Now follow me
I keep a gangsta hoe on my side that'll shank a bitch
I've been in the game been pimpin' hoes and have 'em suckin' dick
Can I take y'all way back to 1996
I've been in the game been pimpin' hoes and have 'em suckin' dick

[Kenoe: Chorus x 2]

[Turk talking]
It's like that
Pimpin' these hoes
It ain't over
U understand?
I gotta send my shouts out
To all the motherfuckin' pimps across town
U understand, that nigga Don Juan
That nigga Pimpin Ken, Ice Berg Slim, ??
My nigga T.I., can't forget my nigga Snoop Dogg he a pimp
Oh boy, my nigga Too Short you understand
And guess what... Turk and Kenoe
Yeah, and it's like that
Uh uh
*Bitch* Bitch better have my money
Uh huh, it's like that


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