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No Limit Army Lyrics

Artist: TRU
Album: Da Crime Family

featuring Mac Pheno

Chorus: Master P (repeat 4X)

No Limit is the army and we the soilders
It's an uptown thing boy I thought I told ya

Verse 1:

These converse is for battle and we staight soilders
Big Boyz is knocking teeth out cause we rollers
This game got me wicked I don't play
Niggaz got funk on the other side and we spray
We drive through the 3rd Ward Calliope Projects
and drove through the other side niggas get straight checked
See I'm a killer I only ride with G's
and I used to be a hot boy but now I slang CD's
Am I right? Am I wrong? Tryin to protect my life
when these killers want me they gonna catch me one night
I don't play, yo we spray, the game is delayed
Get up it ain't over yet nigga, get over there

Chorus x4

Verse 2: (Mac)

They call me camoflague the everlasting assassin
three niggas gonna hear me flow and they bitches fiendin for my passion
World War thats what I would die for, my environment is hostile
You don't want beef with me
cause I come through with those deadly apostles
Tell me something have you ever seen the eyes of a tiger
A cold blooded motherfucker who just murder for hire
Represent my turf, til my opposite of birth
Bless my posse with a shirt
Hope it don't make a turn for the worst.
and got them niggaz on GT that would die for me
and some niggaz in the ??? that would ride for me.
My little brother Ghost catch him at school he a straight student
But at night he masked up, ready to tear that ass up

Chorus x4

Verse 3: Pheno

This for my niggaz in the block tryin to get on their feet
this for them jackers and them killers makin moves on the streets
for my ill ass niggaz
my trill ass niggaz
my upstate niggaz quick to kill ass niggaz
my real niggaz
surviving in this game since lil' niggaz
roadies and rovers on 20 inch niggaz
tank niggaz
packing for us to the bank niggaz
we stank niggaz
I'll you gotta do is bunt niggaz

Chorus x4

Verse 4: (C-Murder)

I'm from the Calliope nigga thats the home of the killers
Ask Falloy and Wing about them 3rd Ward niggaz
Leroy - he'll stick you for that plastic toy.
Little Jimmie and LoLo
will hit for your mo mo
Soilders for life
so you better think twice
cause uptown soilders aint nothing nice.
For real nigga, you might get killed, so chill
or your people gonna be reading your will, bitch

(Silkk the Shocker)
You can tell by the look in my eye
I'm a soilder till the day that I die
Fuck 'em we keep it locked
all that heat we got we keep that shit hot
Nigga either creep with a block
or either sleep in the rocks
Some niggaz say watch your back
cause these niggaz in the hood is phony
My shit's for life CPT tattooed the fucking hood on me
Made Man you don't want to start with us
3 niggaz in the car stuck do yall really wanna go to war with us?

Chorus till fade


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