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To live is to fly Lyrics

Artist: Townes Van Zandt
Album: High, Low and In Between

by Townes Van Zandt

Won't say I love you, babe,
won't say I need you, babe,
but I'm gonna get you babe
and I will not do you wrong.
Living's mostly wasting time
and I'll waste my share of mine
but it never feels to good,
so let's don't take to long.
You're soft as glass
and I'm a gentle man;
we got the sky to talk about
and the earth to lie upon.

Days, up and down they come
like rain on a congadrum
forget most, remember some
but don't turn none away.
Everything is not enough
and nothin' is to much to bear.
Where you been is good and gone
all you keep is the getting there.

To live is to fly
Low and high,
so shake the dust off of your wings
and the sleep out of your eyes.

Goodbye to all my friends
it's time to go again
think of all the poetry
and the pickin' down the line
I'll miss the system here
the bottom's low
and the treble's clear
But it don't pay to think to much
on things you leave behind.
I will be gone
but it won't be long
I will be a'bringin' back the melodies
and rhythm that I find.

We all got holes to fill
them holes are all that's real.
Some fall on you like a storm,
sometimes you dig your own.
The choice is yours to make,
time is yours to take;
some sail upon/dive into the sea,
some toil upon the stone.

To live is to fly
Low and high,
so shake the dust off of your wings
and the sleep out of your eyes;

shake the dust off of your wings
and the tears out of your eyes.


by Mendo on 7/9/2008 5:36pm
Wonderful Music,
wonderful lyrics,
wonderful song...
by Bob Callaghan on 3/17/2011 9:20am
Sounds like the theme song for Bi-Polar. Low and Hi? We all got holes to fill?

I love the Steve Earle version of this song. The whole Townes CD is good.
by henok belay on 4/17/2011 3:15am
this song is so beautiful that it made me weep.
by Trip Lucid on 7/30/2011 11:32am
Very nice song, great classic resonance of meaning
by Ted on 5/23/2012 5:47pm
This is Freebird, but more thoughtful, poetic, and without the jam. Love this song.

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics
Townes Van Zandt High, Low and In Between Lyrics

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