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Marianne Lyrics

Artist: Tori Amos
Album: Boys For Pele

a little blubber in my igloo
and I knew you pigtails and all
girls when they fall
and they said Marianne killed herself
and I said not a chance
don't you love girls ladies babes
old bags who say she was so pretty why
why why why did she crawl down in the old
deep ravine

c'mon pigtails girls and all those sailors
get your bags and hold down won't you just
hold down cause Ed is watching my every sound
I said
they're watching my every sound

the weasal sqeuaks faster then a seven day week
I said Timmy and that purple Monkey
are all down

at Bobby's house
making themselves persters and lesters and jesters and my
traitors of kind
and I'm just having thoughts of Marianne
she could outrun the fastest slug
she could
quickest girl in the frying pan


by mojo on 8/2/2008 9:44pm
What does "quickest girl in the frying pan" mean to you?
by TheViscoKid on 10/19/2008 10:11pm
I always figured it meant that Marianne was always too impetuous for her own good. That she would act too quickly and often find herself in a lot of trouble or in a really bad situation. Maybe she would did so intentionally or perhaps she was just not the most clear-headed person.

I am guessing, the character of Marianne in this song was just so bothered and hurt by whatever she had going on in her life that she didn't think twice to go ahead and commit suicide.
by Pi(chi) on 10/10/2009 10:09pm
The quickest girl in the frying pan (to me anyway) is the girl with the heartbreakingly brilliant potential who's emotionally turbulant landscape, sculpted by the sharp edge of overwhelming adversity, leads her to keep company with the darkness and those souls originating in the shadow realms.... You know, the frying pan....
by tam on 5/11/2010 12:14am
I believe the frying pan was Marianne and Tori's peers, ya know Timmy, the pesters, weasels, and all the other traitors of kind who were squealing about and judging why such a pretty girl would go down "the old deep ravine" (which I think is a sexual reference). This whole album is a lot about Tori reflecting on and contemplating "the other side" so to speak. When she says "I knew you," I think she meant it in the biblical sense of the word. This album was right around the time that Don't ask, don't tell in the military (i.e. Navy - "sailors") was HUGE, meaning they had to "hold down" this part of them. And so did she, becuz Ed (her minister father) was "watching her every sound" but Tori she's just having...Marianne.
by KST on 7/19/2010 8:42am
Tori is too deep for any of us to figure out, this song is proof. Love it though
by Howk on 10/15/2010 1:24pm
She didn't kill herself, it was an overdose consisting of alcohol, weed and cocaine.
by Eliza on 3/25/2012 9:07pm
I think of that line as being a reference to the phrase "a flash in the pan," meaning someone who is very famous and popular, but only for a brief time. If Marianne is the "quickest girl in the frying pan," it means that people loved her and admired her ("she was so pretty"), but she was in and out of this life too quickly for people to have a real impression of who she was when she was gone. Everything that people loved about her burned up too quickly and fizzled out, leaving nothing.

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