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Play Mistral For Me Lyrics

Artist: TISM
Album: Machiavelli And The Four Seasons

It takes a great person to get a idea
But don't go public it'll ruin the plan
Because no matter how clever and original you are
You're only as good as your fans.

Peter Garrett chanting "Oils, Oils"
Can you imagine it? I don't think you can
But as a Mistral employee once told me
You're only as good as your fans.

Each man kills the thing he loves:
The fisherman caught in his own net.
It's frightening that you deserve
The audience that you get.
So the Beatles found out up with Helter Skelter
And John Lennon saw it in Mr.Chapman
And the Stones learnt from Gimme Shelter;
You're only as good as your fans.

Yo! Fight the power, what did I say?
All the girls say "YO"! all the boys say "YO"!
Everybody say "YO"! Here comes the hamburgular!
Elle Mc.Pherson is really a person,
But don't tell the guy that buys the calendar.
Jump! Monica! Jump! Monica! Jump! Monica! Jump! Monica!
You can't get a laugh at of Stefi Graf
If you tell that her friends are a bunch of backstabbers;
Kurt Cobain couldn't deal with pain
But at least he didn't score an own goal against Colombia.
Yo! Impersonator X! Give it to me!

So maybe we shouldn't hate Collingwood
Or blame religion on J.C.
Or marvel at all the racist kids
Who love Public Enemy.

Maybe Allah was a peace loving guy
Maybe Elle really is more than a body
Maybe Oprah Winfrey is intelligent
Maybe TISM know the word "irony".


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TISM Machiavelli And The Four Seasons Lyrics

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