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Dicktatorship Lyrics

Artist: TISM
Album: GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! For Australia! - A Bonus Disc

The New South Wales Right
Have cocks like mastodons -
There's number crunching men
Like Graham Richardson;
Those smoky backroom boys
Can perform in the sack:
Power is the greatest
Known aphrodisiac.
Was he or was he not
A lady killing man,
That pimply kid at school
Whose name was Neville Wran?
There at the high school dance
The girls all pass him by -
Oh, it's a lonely life
For Balmain boys who cry.
Pre- depression days,
Who most wanted a bang?
Some desperate driven git;
Yes! Little Jackie Lang -
And sitting at his feet,
Paul Keating! Who've guessed
He'd enter Parliament,
Then an airline hostess?
Leaders of the future,
Men who lust for power,
Today at the disco
Are timid wall flowers.
Why enter into girls
You cannot seem to get
When you and your mates can
Enter cabinet?
When you can be P.M.
Why care for P.M.T.?
You don't run after cunt
When you run the country.
Liberal power brokers
Are just a bunch of turds:
Everybody knows that
The rich guys pull the birds.
You show me a hero
That can lead the nation,
I'll show you a case of
Sexual deprivation.
And every single male
Is constantly aware
That there is a tyrant
Deep in his underwear.
Absolute power can
Corrupt absolutely;
So can the desire
For physical beauty.
General erections
Vote parliaments of fools -
Behind democracy
A dicktatorship rules.


by Joe Biden on 3/1/2023 6:57am
My interpretation is that TISM got fucken bored and decided to put this shit on the He'll Never Be An 'Ol Man River single.

TISM Lyrics
TISM GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! For Australia! - A Bonus Disc Lyrics

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