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Why You Wanna Lyrics

Artist: T.I.
Album: King

T.I.P Pimpin
Ay shawty why u wanna act like that?
I'm sayin, I'm jus tryna be nice to ya


go and tell a nigga no wit an ass so fat
hey why u wanna go and do that love huh?
hey why u wanna go and do that do dat
hey why u wanna go and do dat dat dat
and the relationship been faithful to a nigga so wack
hey why u wanna go and do that love huh
hey why u wanna go and do that do dat
hey why u wanna go and do dat dat dat

Can't help but notice how ya glowin I can see in ya face
now i jus wonder if he know he close to bein replaced
swear i treat u like a queen u put me in his place
so you could give back his ring and the key to his place
tell tha nigga one thing that u need ya space
tell the niggas one thing u don't need to chase
i wanna kiss u everywhere between ya knees and waist
hear the sounds that u make and get ya knees to shake
holla at me in tha A u feel u need to escape
got a mansion and a gate, you wit me and you safe
there's a phantom and a truck wit 23's to skate
600 g's in the safe how much cheese it take
this a chance u need to take it ain't no need to wait
say the word we can leave today it's somethin special and it feel like fate
hate 2 make a mistake
how the same thing makin ya sad makin ya stay


can he touch it like that and make it feel like this
how he left and came back and it's still like this
do he hit it from the back and make u feel it in ya chest
take advantage of what u concealin in ya dress
what he think he too fresh to show u that u the best
compliment u on ya intellect and treat u wit respect
make u sex till u sweat tongue kissin on ya neck
it's been a while since u got it like this I bet
and I can tell u aint jus anotha bitch I met
ain't nobody got me open like this not yet
kno u confused ain't decided which way u should go yet
so how u keep sayin no when ya panties so wet?


this nigga playin mind games man
i think the time came that ya mind changed ya undastand?
life is like a chess move u need to make the next move ya best move
keep it pimpin ya undastand?
i mean you know I'm sayin i showed u how I feel you know whatt im sayin
i put myself all the way out there you know
ball in your court man but I jus got one question for u
is u happy??



by penny on 5/31/2008 1:41pm
ii L0V3 THiiS S0NG....
by Ross B. gburg on 9/8/2008 10:44am
this xplains what im goin thru right now n tha girl just dont realize,how the same thing makin ya sad makin ya stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Korey on 11/12/2008 1:26pm
by arnetiabegay on 11/12/2008 2:24pm
hi i love your songs andyou are os cool............
love arenetiabegay
by klc on 1/26/2009 1:09pm
i love t.i
by danielle aka ducky on 2/14/2009 8:34am
hey i love yhu so much hit mi up at myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kyra on 6/10/2009 8:37pm
boi thats like the best song
by duece duece on 9/21/2009 3:41pm
long live the king

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