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Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix) Lyrics

Artist: Three 6 Mafia
Album: The Most Known Unknown

(Parenthesis Times 2)

DJ Paul:
We Gotta Stay (Fly I I I I I I I I til I til I) Yeah! (Die I I I I I I I I I til I til I)Remix, New Three 6 Mafia! Yeah! Dirty South It's Goin Down, Trick Daddy, Project Pat, Slim Thug We Gotta Stay (tell me whyyyy tell me whyyyy)What!

(woman in the background)you are are king....lucifer

Juicy J:
I Gotta Stay Fly I I I I I I I I I
Til I Die I I I I I I I I I
I Gotta Stay Fly I I I I I I I I I
Til I Die I I I I I I I I I

Juicy J:
(It's Juicy)(Give It To Me)
we still stay fly and are fresh out da mall
brand new set wit a tone in ma drawer
playing wit tha clutch
and the CD on Paul
pot smoked out
still breakin da law
finna kill bill and im chuckin my ???
pretty rear piece sit off in my seat
yeah i share i give her a piece
by da end of da night she be chewin my meat
thats why these girls keep calling ma phone
first i was a trappa den turned rappa
now deese groupies won't leave me alon
haters got pissed cuz da maybach's da whip
and project pat came back on da rip
an if ya wanna know if we bangin yo bitch
shes suckin our dick and im pleadin the 5th

Dj Paul:
DJ paul is official
the king of the town
some clown tried da grab my crown
i hit em made em put it down
i represent da M
and i do it betta dan him
or her or dem
on CD and on film
Dey hate me bcuz of my cars
dey hate me bcuz of my broads
dey hate me bcuz i got plaitnum money
I'ma movie star
nigga get ya weight up
now wait
no, come to me
yall sign deese people
yall don't even know i own a company


Trick Daddy:
i could smoke up a whole bomb of dat
purple crip or Jamaican shit
get rid of alla stems and seeds
geta dutch and split it and fill it wit weed
now inhale hold it there
exhale oh yeah
partly cloudly wit a slight chance of rain
gettin high just to ease da pain
and i smoke all night smoke all day
back to back sack afta sack
an o.z. couldn't hold me for a week
it'll take a pound of brown justa hold me down
i'ma weed head and you know this
you wanna smoke one and we can blow this
puffin passin trippin laughin
high and foolin round
do do brown

Crunch Black:
yall know mary
mary jane
i take her anywhere still be game
she'll do her dang she'll neva change
it's whateva lil buddy see i'm her mane


Slim Thug:
Yeah I'ma fly till i die gettin high in da sky
puffin on lye while i'm ridin in my ride
keep a white cup fulla u know what
dat purple stuff on my side when i drive
back and fourth on that I-45
grippin grain when im tippin mayne
candy boots slab drippin mayne
got tha trunk on bang when im changin lanes
aint shit changed when they aint no thang
still claim tha same, its that blue boy gang
north side where the bosses ride
thats where i hang
hold up mayne
i rep the tex when i reconex
make ya move ya necks and collect tha checks
memphis 10 throw up ya sets
let them boyz know we dont (part no plex ?)

Project Pat:
(Oh Oh Oh through whole verse)
Project is blessed i couldn't be stressed
dats why i'm spittin deese verses
i'm free as da w zind fresh out da p zin mane deese boys is ernin
dem purses purses neva come last es cuz i stack da cash es
slow like molasses ain't no crashes cuz i kept my glasses
on top of da g zame dummy you liz ame i ain't goin back wards
I clickity click blow off the richto dem haters ain't no facta
my platinum jewelry is my toolery
dawg im rappin grimey
im flying self ?
shiney hypnatized mindey


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