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Get A Room Lyrics

Artist: The Vandals

Congratulations, you're in love. The lonely nights are gone.
But now you're making us all sick, the way you're carrying on
Put you're tongue in you're mouth, keep you're hands of her ass It's an embarrassing public display- Have you no sense of shame?
Or get a room, we'll all pitch in- If you'll go away.
A string of spit connects your mouths, I'm trying hard not to look.
And all the endless baby talk, is going to make me puke
I don't care who's the bigger Schmoopy head
I'm hearing you talk and I wish I was dead

oh baby, oh honey, oh pumpkin, oh schnookums, oh babe.
Get a room, I'll pay for it- if you'll go away. Go Away.
Just bring it down a notch or two, you're gathering a crowd And I can tell from over here, you're visibly aroused.
Don't dry hump in restaurants, it's unsanitary and rude now it's dinner and a show, but I just wanted food.
While you're having you're heated session, in the busiest intersection.
Knock it off, now the light is green.
Or get a room- we'll all pitch in, if you'll go away.
Go away. Go away. Go Away. Or break up. Or fuck off. Knock it off.


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The Vandals Lyrics

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