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Happy Landing Lyrics

Artist: The Temptations

You better beware, my friends all told me.
When they saw that I was falling for you. You better beware.
Now, they told me that girl ain't gonna be true.

She'll have you walking with your head in the air.
Have you thinking that she really, really care.
Then-a, then she'll let you down, she'll really let you down.

She's a girl with no understanding.
And when she's getting tired of you hanging around
She'll let you drop and say... have a happy landing.

Oh but I fell for you anyway.
I didn't care what my friends have to say.
'Cause I was so glad that I had found you.
I build my whole world right around you.

You had me hope on a lie for awhile. (?)
Have me thinking you'd be mine for awhile.
Then-a, then you let me down, you really let me down.

'Cause you're a girl with no understanding.
And when you're getting tired of me hanging around
You let me drop and said... come on, have a happy landing.

(Hap-Happy landing)
Melvin: Yeah
Paul: Walking around... (Woo)
Paul: Ye-ye-yeah, alright
Melvin: I luv ya, baby (Woo)
Paul: Sounding good, baby. (Alright)
Paul: Temptations right here.
Paul: Look it here, listen, listen... (Hey)

So now you want me to take you there.
Staying away for a long, long time.
You won't call it a lost of loving.
Now ya coming back to the scene of your crime.

Gonna keep you in suspense for awhile, yeah.
Keep you hanging on a fence for awhile.
Then-a, then I'll let you down, I really let you down.

I ain't gonna have no understanding.
And when I get tired of you hanging around
I'll let you drop and say... girl, you've had your happy landing.

(Hap-Happy landing)

Have a happy landing, now. (Hap-Happy landing)
I've got to put you down. (You better have a happy landing)
Don't want ya hanging around, now. (You better have a happy landing)

You know that you better (have a happy landing)
You know that you better (have a happy landing)
So come on and have (have a happy landing)
Don't you know that I ought to...


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