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Soldier Boy Lyrics

Artist: The Shirelles

Soldier boy
Oh, my little soldier boy
I'll be true to you

You were my first love
And you'll be my last love
I will never make you blue
I'll be true to you
In the whole world
You can love but one girl
Let me be that one girl
For I'll be true to you

Wherever you go
My heart will follow
I love you so
I'll be true to you
Take my love with you
To any port or foreign shore
Darling you must feel for sure
I'll be true to you

Soldier boy
Oh, my little soldier boy
I'll be true to you



by lil waney on 5/16/2008 12:17pm
this is lilwaney
by jenesa on 6/9/2008 7:08pm
this song is the best
by crissy on 6/12/2008 2:59am
ugly and stupid and idiotic
by Andre98 on 7/30/2008 8:59pm
Ah, children. Crissy, you can never appreciate the context of a classic when you did not live the era it comes from. Funny little irony though, because today, some of the worst garbage passing for popular music is cranked out by "artists" with names like "Soulja Boy"
by Elizabeth on 8/18/2008 3:57pm
Andre SOOOOOOOOoootrue
You had to be there to appreciate
that song or others like it. Aching, for the young boy who was drafted & you felt you might not ever see again, serving his country doing his duty..HE had not
by kweezy on 9/11/2008 7:14am
wast up
by Paola. on 10/15/2008 10:35pm
damnn;;; i love this song and i appreciate this era; im 14 been into oldies since i was in 5th grade i remember my first oldie i loved was put your head on my shoulder- paul anka i couldnt get enough....AINT N0 SK00L LiKE 0LD SK00L.
by Lilly on 10/23/2008 12:12pm
I love this song, my boyfriend is going to Iraq and it's so sweet.
by Julius Peppers on 10/30/2008 5:30pm
by micheal on 11/12/2008 10:04am
thats cool !!!
by Missy on 11/12/2008 9:45pm
Timeless classic, really. <3
by icecreamrocks on 1/27/2009 9:21am
this is such a wierd song
by Dee on 2/7/2009 6:06pm
My husband was in the armed forces when we met and I walked down the aisle at our wedding to this and it was perfect!
by icecreamrocks on 2/20/2009 5:09pm
by Rose on 2/22/2009 12:00am
I love this song! My boyfriend is in Iraq and everytime I hear this song I think of him. It's a true classic. I may only be 30, but it a cute song. Some people now a days just don't appreciate classics!
by sexy sue on 2/23/2009 2:00pm
this song is a classic nearly as good as leader of the pack or my life .
by Spud on 2/25/2009 3:55pm
I've been in the AF for 20 years. My Wife sings this to me and it's the prettiest thing I have ever heard!
by AlleeBaba on 2/25/2009 11:23pm
OMG Love this song tonnes

its romantic and sweet and whoever dont like it dont write on the comments and dont listen to it ... simple
im 15 and love old songs so you didnt absolutely HAVE to be there when the song was made to appreciate it

by hellfirejack on 4/8/2009 4:13pm
I can't stop thinking of this song cause of a nephew in Afghanastan
by so sweet on 6/27/2009 3:29pm
this song is a top song its a hit a very sweet oldlie fa life and i love it sooooo bad;
by ashton on 6/29/2009 1:17pm
by Jake on 7/15/2009 10:54pm
I don't see how this is a 'weird' song at all... It lyrics make more sense then 'Soulja boys' does... And its understandable!
by v on 10/7/2009 3:22pm
It sure is classic!...when I heard it again after so many years it brought back alot of memories.
by bri on 11/22/2009 11:48pm
i saw a musical today about The Shirelles and Florence Greenberg, the woman who discovered them. it was amazing! i'm only 12. i loved all the music!! i love this era's music!
by bri on 11/22/2009 11:52pm
to those of you who think this is an idiotic, stupid, horrible, worst every, etc. song: this is a classic. you CLEARLY don't understand what REAL music is. get over the stupid stuff they call "music" today. k? and don't tell me i'm some old geezer who's livin in the past or whatever. i'm 12. i like music from today but THIS STUFF, this is the real stuff.
by angie baby on 1/13/2010 11:09pm
i luv dis nd if u dnt u stupid as fuck ok
by sankyaku on 2/2/2010 9:50am
I love this song :].
by cxddvcxvcxv on 2/21/2010 3:45pm
you sdunk
by judge_masami on 4/19/2010 7:16pm
nuh uh ya'll is wrong yu don needz to B in the era to appreciate the song cuz im only 14 and i love this song! get it strait! and crissy yu'z a god dayum crack head thinkin this song is idiotic!
by Chelsi on 8/3/2010 7:10am
Im living this song right now & Im only 22 so no you dont need to live the era you just need to have some respect for the pioneers that paved the way for other artists like Soulja Boy!!(All though I have to say his rap music sucks!! And I listen to a lot of rap)
This song has such a deep meaning behind it, for all of u who are saying such bad things about this song, imagine if your fiance were at war fighting for YOUR freedom!! That's the mindset of this song! So I think you ppl should just grow up a little & if you dont like it then dont listen or comment!!
by his wifey on 10/18/2010 9:07pm
My husband is deployed right now, our first together, but his second since being in the service... I think this is a cute song, even if it isn't my typical style of music.
by Cathy on 2/22/2011 10:30am
I get the chills when I hear this song! what a classic!I'm 54 and even though I was younger during this time, I've always loved loved the 60's girl groups and their music. thanks to all of them for the great sounds!!
by Raquel on 3/4/2011 12:46am
This song relates to my life right now. Very very true song. :-)
by JWP on 3/7/2011 7:19am
The Shirelles have got to be one of the greatest groups ever, from slow dancing in the gym to my service in the Marine Corps during the sixties.
by rose on 9/8/2011 9:51pm
I may not have been alive then but this music is my life its really all I listen 2 to and im only 14 but its what my parents and grandma listen to so its stuck with me the shirelles are my favorite
by ha on 5/6/2012 11:56pm
I love this song but they wrote the lyrics wrong its
in this whole world
you can love but one girl...

just one wrong word but still would appreciate the fix
by Yuffie on 11/9/2012 8:17pm
I LUV THIS SONG!!!! only 14 i have good taste in music unlike most kids my age
by Krissy of Oshkosh on 12/15/2012 4:22am
Crissy thinks this song is "ugly, stupid, idiotic". She probably thinks her taste in music is NOT ugly, stupid & idiotic. But I think my generation (born in 1951)LIKE IT, & think her taste in music is ugly, stupid & idiotic. (How old are you Crissy? 12?) Or most of them do. Whenever I hear it, I think of the boy I had a huge crush on, & still remember fondly because even tho we didn't date, we became good friends!
by June on 1/6/13 on 1/6/2013 2:21pm
My boyfriend (now my husband of 44 yrs) was in Viet Nam at the time of this song. He was 18 and I was 17. He was drafted and it was a very hard time for him and a scary time for me. He is a disbled vet and he is my "soldier boy" and always will be. So, to Crissy and the others that think the song is "ugly, stupid, idiotic", think of the military men and women this song is for and of the families that they are apart from. Soldier Boy is one of the best songs and if you are paying attention alot of the songs of the 1950s are coming back!
by Jackie Jenness on 7/13/2013 11:12pm
My soldier boy was Patrick Leonard Benson
I met him when I was 14 & a Sophomore he was a JR.& 16. In 1966 he went to Vietnam we got engaged Xmas that year . In 68 he sent me a dear Jackie ,he has been out of my life for over 50 years but he is still my soldier boy today . That song will live in my heart until the day I die.
by cynthia hanson on 8/19/2013 3:12pm
this was a song great for the era it was made at a time when girls were sending theyr'e soldiers off to viet nam,some times they came home,you laughed ad loved,someties they didn't,wyou wept and grieved,it's a great song,you yungins don't have a clue

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