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El Presidente Lyrics

Artist: The Game
Album: Intro

Man i got snoop dog now we both yellin vato
we fuck u up put the lankan logo
i walk with the crips n the bloods through death valley
me n snoop the deadly combo n the hear come the new cali
I'll be at the top with snoop n we be both wearin our kakki suit
fuck education! we dont need to know the square root
hits r flyin n we ready to shoot
we strip u but naked n throw u out nude
u on the stage n bitch u gettin booed
we got the illegal fluid
snoop n the homicide kid
dont no my name now everybody better reconize
every gangzta dies
tupac biggie is my rap influence
n man me n snoop we go our ups n downs in our residence
got the speaker full blast ready to let out its velocity
we got every thin shakin the girls n the hennesy
i got everythin in my hand n god has me in his soul
everythin frosted up wit some cake in the cereal bowl
4 bitches try to jack me open my trunk let the shit out
me n snoop u know what we about

aint gonna lay low n sit
got the hoes on the side get some condoms n pack em up in a lunch kit
then me n my boyz gonna split
cuz cops are hot on the block like hot vagina
so hot gonna get me ashma
man come get the jamaican rum
cock it back let it loose there go the bullet outta the gun
man im a king im no general
this is like me n snoop puttin mc's in a mc burial
if im a snitch then whos in jail
ur life on the line after the coiun lands heads or tails
closer to your death nigga walk the trail
say the wrong words when u talk we'll hit u with the right bullet
i know u dont wanna get hit
im talkin alot but right beside me is the plaque
now snoop r u ready to come back?
not now man cuz got everyone of my boyz on the batman's coupe
now u can come back snoop!

Vato you won't believe what they saw,
I saw these pack a guys and they act real hard... (And what they do?)
They twisted fingers say you know who we are...
He said: I dont give a fuck I'm Snoop Doggy Dogg ... (Ah huh)
They kept fucking and it went too far,
So Snoopy he went straight to the trunk of his car (And what he get?), he got his gun and they start running hard, he started firing and then he just charged...


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